Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What have we been up to?

1. working on folk art items for the show which is next weekend
2. playing with K
3. K's first pony ride
4. visit with Great-Grandma
5. 2hr drive to attend a visitation of a man I didn't know
6. hugging someone who carried a burden of guilt for over 5 years and watching that burden lift from her after we talked
7. realizing how much time has passed by and how I barely know my Little Cousin's anymore
8. realizing yet again how angry my Uncle makes me
9. realizing yet again how frustrating my Grandparents can be, especially driving up to the visitation of a man they do not know and wasting the money because they didn't think we would represent the family well enough.
10. trying to arrange services so K can start therapeutic riding
11. realizing my life is not leading in the direction I want it too and realizing I need a life makeover
12. pondering if C's adoption is really going to happen from China
13. staying off the computer not for lack of time but just not enough energy to get on
14. praying for K's godmother who had a relapse and wishing I could be there to help
15. Trying to create meals with only the food we have in the house, it's been a great and really fun challenge
Our blown out window, if you look out the window, you can see all the flooding

K laying on the floor, actually she is protesting since I was working on some stuff and not giving her my full undivided attention

Dinner tonight, Enchilada Pie, all the ingredents only cost me $5.29. I need to have a show, how to feed a family of 4 on only $30.00 a week or less.

K pretending to be a Kangaroo, she is trying to jump

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