Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day, Fingerprints and Rain

Today we headed downtown so I could get my fingerprints taken for my new job. Since I didn't know how long it was going to take, I sent my Mom and K ahead of me to one of the Opening day Pep Rally's. Well when I finally found the place I was suppose to get fingerprinted by, they HR rep hadn't sent over my paperwork yet. So Security called my HR rep and of course she wasn't at her desk. I waited around almost an hour before finally they decided they would take my prints and save them until they got my paperwork. Well they were in the middle of doing my prints when the HR rep called them and goes, Oops, I'll send the paperwork now. UGH!!! So my fingerprints are done! So I headed off to meet up with my Mom and K. I get about a block away from the building I was at when it decided to pour down rain. Well of course I didn't have an umbrella so I ended up soak and wet. Then of course I always wear my jeans big, so they drag a little bit, well they were soaking up every ounce of water out there, so basically they were soaked from the bottom to my knees. Finally I was able to find Mom and K. We made a once around there before heading off to another PepRally on the otherside of the stadium, there we listened to the music and got free beads and some soft baseballs. K got a Arby's backpack. We then crossed back over to the stadium and walked around but decided since there was still alot of people so we headed over to the Fox Channel's pep rally. There we listened to music and got some awesome stuff, like free coupons for Breakfast burritos and Big Mac's, some foam bats and rally towels from my favorite radio station. We then headed back to the Stadium in search of Uncle N's brick that his girlfriend bought him. It took us forever to find the brick but we were so excited once we found it. We then grabbed some lunch/dinner before heading home to watch the game on TV. Of course they canceled the game because of Rain while our team was winning and instead they have the Opening Day Game now rescheduled for tomorrow. Oh, yeah, K got her picture taken by the local TV station and is on their website, it's such a cute picture.

Pep Rally

watching the water fountain

Watching the band perform

having a snack while looking for the brick

pointing to the brick

As for getting the tickets so cheap. I think alot of people are mad right now because they let some fan favorites go during the off season and we now have a re-building team that they don't think will be any good. My thought is, your not a true fan if you don't support them through, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


On Saturday, we had a photo shoot with K wearing some of the new tutu's that Grandma had made. K had so much fun wearing them. I also love that Grandma can make a matching one for their stuffed toy, like the one Kitty Cat and Bunny have on. We then headed over to our Aunt & Uncle house to celebrate our Cousin's 1st birthday. We had so much fun and K had so much fun getting to play with her Cousin's and the other little kids that were there. We ended up visiting way to long but K and her Cousin's were having so much fun it was easy to loose track of time. Then today we spent taking it easy around the house and I made a whole bunch of hairbows and got them listed on Ebay. Otherwise K spent alot of time playing in her ball pit with Dora. Tomorrow we are heading down to the Opening Day festivities plus since I have to go downtown to get fingerprinted it really worked out. We were suppose to go to the Home Opener of our favorite baseball team but Uncle N's girlfriend ended up being able to get off work, so she took K and I's ticket. But that's ok, I ended up scoring 4 tickets for the April 3rd and the April 5th game for $20.00 total, so I paid about $2.50 a piece for them.

K wearing one of Grandma's Tutu's that she made along with one for Kitty and Bunny

K playing in the ballpit with her Cousins, M&M

K playing with her blower

K being silly while playing in her ball pit

Friday, March 28, 2008

What a Day

First off, I was offered a job as a proof operator at a bank. This was from the interviews I had on Wed. I am excited about this job but I still want my Dream Job. So, I told them I would take the job because it's late afternoon into evening position. So even if I get my dream job, I still plan on working this one for awhile too until we get caught up and some savings in the bank. Now the only thing that could stop me from getting this job is if my fingerprints come back from the FBI with something, which I would think they use the same process as they do for adoptions, so I should have no problem. I go for fingerprints on Monday, have new employee orientation on Monday, April 7th and report to work on Tuesday, April 8th.

Now onto the rest of my day, I was a nervous wreck leading up to my Dream Job interview. Since we were leaving to go out to eat right afterwards, my Mom and K sat in the car, since it wasn't suppose to be more than 15min long. We got there about 245p and my interview wasn't until 315p. So we did some people watching from the car trying to decide who was here for the interview. We were right about one lady, she was about my Mom's age and was wearing this super short, super tight red dress. I guess she thought it was going to be only guys on the panel. So at 3p, I headed inside, so that way I was there early but not too early. Right before 315p, another one of the candidates came in, she looked about 20 and right out of the Hickey Business school for Secretaries. At 315p, I watched them walk the Lady in Red out while she flirted with the Assistant City Manager and they called my name, I greeted them with a firm handshake but was super nervous, there were 5 people on the panel, 3 were women and 2 were men. The women were dressed very conserative, so hopefully I earned some points because of what I was wearing opposed to what the Lady in Red was wearing. Otherwise, I answered the questions as honest as I could and as intellegent as I could. I kept catching myself starting to go "ummm", which is a nervous habit of mine, but then I would stop and compose myself. Otherwise they did like that I knew the big construction areas of the town and that they are trying to revitalize Downtown and after I said that they all smiled and shook there head in agreement. See the late Mayor's dream was to fix up downtown and bring it back to the glory days, well he passsed away 2 weeks ago, so I think I hit a sentimental nerve there. They were surprised when we got to the end and I had no questions for them. I told them that they had explained everything throughly and I am also very familiar with the job that I applied for. Now it's a waiting game, they are calling back people next week for a more through interview, so I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. And pray like mad that the phone rings for that interview.

So afterwards we headed to America's Incrediable Pizza company, we had a really fun time, K ate a ton of food and we played lots of games. More than anything it was just nice to be out and for those few hours we were there we didn't have anything to worry about, it was all about having fun.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pay It Forward

Thanks to my blogger friend, Holly, I'm now playing the Pay It Forward game.

How does it work?

Here are the rules:

I will send a handmade gift (of my choosing) to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this "PIF" exchange, and who will make the same pledge on their own blog.

The only thing you have to do in return is PAY IT FORWARD - on your own blog. So, if you want to get a homemade goodie from me, and are willing to do the same via your blog, let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section! (Note that you'll need to give me your real (snail mail) address... which you can do by private email.) So, who's up for it?

So Nervous

I am so freakin nervous about tomorrow's interview. I had to rewrite my resume with a salary history, references and my salary requirements. I hate having to put a number on the salary requirement because honestly I want this job so badly I will take the base starting pay without a blink of the eye, so instead I just put negotiable. I guess if they don't like that, then they can ask me tomorrow what I expect and I can state that I am open to starting at base salary. Tomorrows interview is panel style, so that's a little nerve wracking because I just don't know what to expect. I think I'm just making this worse on myself just thinking about it. So instead I spent the day making bows, sewed 2 new outfits for K, played with K and went to the other interview.

After the interview tomorrow we are going out to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Her birthday isn't until April 2nd but our gift certificate for America's Incredible Pizza company expires on 4/1 and you have to use it Mon-Fri and my Mom wouldn't want to go on a Monday because she would have to get up early the next morning, so tomorrow it is. Ok, going to try and go to bed because I need to look good for tomorrow. I made the Ladybug bows and the Yellow Loopy bow in K's hair, both of them I made today trying to take my mind off the interview tomorrow.

Free Stuff is Awesome

Over the last month I have hit the motherload on Free Stuff. Yes, I admit that all these items were by the curb and waiting for the TrashPeople to pick them up. So instead of them going to the trash heap, I decided that they would get way better use by K. I looked over everyone of them to make sure there was nothing dangerously wrong with them and the only thing I can find is that they were faded by the sun, covered in dirt and grim or just something minor cosmetic like the crab's eyes are a little chipped. The only thing I can figure out is that the 2 rich subdivision ($899,999+ houses) that are right near me think if it doesn't look brand new, then it isn't worth keeping. You just gotta love people that are like that.
Step 2 Crab Sandbox/Pool (sun faded & eyes a little chipped)

Little Tikes 3 Wheel Bike (was covered in dirt)

Little Tikes 5ft Slide (needs a pair of screws to secure the bar, otherwise looks brand new)

Barbie Tricycle (great condition but stickers are coming off and a little dirty)

2 Little Tikes Chairs (dirty and some crayon marks, otherwise perfect)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow, finally some interviews!

It was really an amazing day, first off my job interview went really well and I ended up having my 2nd interview this evening. Basically the manager told me I was hired as long as it was ok with her boss. When I got home from the morning interview, I had two more messages on my machine for 2 more job interviews. The one tomorrow I'm not really excited about but the one on Friday, I need some huge prayers and positive vibes. The job I am interviewing on Friday is my dream job and I'm so qualified to do it, it's about 5 minutes from my house, right across the street from a daycare so K wouldn't be far away and really good money. It is actually between me and 4 other candidates so basically I just have to WOW them on Friday. So Please keep positives thoughts and prayers going my way especially on Friday!!! I'm so nervous even thinking about the interview.

Otherwise it's raining here and flooding. K was actually a little spooked by the rain and thunder tonight, actually it had us pretty spooked too because it sounded like our house was going to wash away. The water has flooded the whole driveway, sidewalk and is creeping up the porch, thank goodness any entry into my house is about 6 inches above the water, so nothing to worry about. The creek is creeping out of it's banks and is to K's swingset (about 25 feet from it's banks). No way it can reach the house but all that water just makes a big mess for the side & back yards. My Mom's hours at work have been cut because of lack of work to 4 hours a day, not really a positive thing when I don't have an income coming in. I just don't know what we will do if I don't get these jobs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Few Prayers

Hope everyone can send a few prayers my way because I have a job interview tomorrow morning at 10am. It's crappy base pay but the production bonuses are great and more than anything at least it's work. So please pray that I am able to type super fast tomorrow and don't screw up that much and that I wow the HR people so I get the job!

A few more of my favorites pictures from Easter Weekend

Monday, March 24, 2008

Conversation at 3am

Mommy: K it's time to go to bed, you need to shut you eyes, ok

K: K, MomMom, Nigh Nigh

few seconds of silence

K: MomMom?

Mommy: K, it's time for you to be asleep

K: Nigh, Nigh

few seconds later

K: MomMom?

K: Bapac (backpack from Dora)
K: Dora

Mommy: K if you don't go to sleep then you can't watch Dora tomorrow

K: makes a kissing sound (that is how she talks about Swiper from Dora because she is in love with him)

Mommy: That's right K, you won't get to watch Swiper either if you don't go to sleep because you'll be too tired

K: ticko, ticko, ticko.......ticko, ticko, ticko (tickle)
K: map
K: bacpac

Mommy: you need to close your eyes right now!

K: K, MomMom, Nigh Nigh

We have been having alot of these converstations very early in the morning. K will be sound asleep and next thing I know she's screaming bloody murder. She's not in a night terror because she will respond to your voice and her eyes are open. But she doesn't want you to hold her and she will fight tooth and nail to make sure you don't. I try holding her anyway and it takes a good hour to calm her down enough for me to be able to have a conversation like above and it also requires co-sleeping. Which at this point I'm so lacking in sleep, I'm too tired to move her. I just wish I knew what was waking her out of a deep sleep every night into hysterics?

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter everyone. We have spent a quiet day alone, since Uncle N had to work and well the rest of us are just feeling under the weather. We had some great things left in our Easter baskets and we have spent this afternoon playing and eating candy (ok Mommy was eating candy).

Yesterday we went to two easter egg hunts, the first was at the Local Minor league ballpark, it was so cool that K got to hunt eggs out in deep center field but we were pretty miserable because it was freezing. After that we went to the area's largest egg hunt, they hide over 60,000 eggs. Basically I figured it out that they put over 12,000 egg out every 20 minutes for less than 60 kids to hunt. K ended up getting over 88 eggs and she only stopped because her basket was full and my purse was pretty full too. While you wait to hunt eggs, they also peform a little religious show, it's all this great upbeat music, K couldn't take her eyes off of it.
Easter Egg Hunt at the Ball Stadium

Area's Larget Egg Hunt

Petting a Real Bunny

K looking at her basket

Thursday, March 20, 2008

60 Things You Possibly Didn't Know About Me...

I've been tagged

1. What is in the back seat of your car right now? car seat, shovel, axe, screwdriver, rope, probably some unknown dried up, shriveled food particles and the most annoying toy in the world
2. When was the last time you threw up? 2 days ago
3. What’s your favorite curse word? Hmm, I have a few
4. Name 3 people who made you smile today? K, my friend's daughter A and my neighbors and their stupidity
5. What were you doing at 8 am this morning? making K breakfast
6. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? looking at ebay
7. What will you be doing 3 hours from now? hopefully asleep
8. Have you ever been to a strip club? Yes but didn't go in because it was a $30 cover that night because there were some big name porn stars there
9. What is the last thing you said aloud? Night, Night
10. What is the best ice cream flavor? Every Flavor, even avocado
11. What was the last thing you had to drink? Root Beer
12. What are you wearing right now? my favorite pj's
13. What was the last thing you ate? pizza
14. Have you bought any new clothing items this week? bought some new socks
15. When was the last time you ran? 2006 when I was trying to catch a flight
16. What’s the last sporting event you watched?Cardinals Spring Training game last Sunday
18. Who is the last person you emailed?
19. Ever go camping? yes, I love to go
20. Do you have a tan? always, I'm part Native American
21. Did you smile at anyone today? K, my Mom & the cute guy at the store
22. Are you addicted to chocolate? No
23. What is one thing you dream about? having my daughter home from China
24. Do you drink your soda from a straw? only at restaurants
25. What did your last IM say? don't use IM's
26. Are you someone’s best friend? Yes
27. What are you doing tomorrow? have no idea, it's Good Friday
28. Where is your mom right now? asleep downstairs
29. Look to your left, what do you see? a calendar, K's picture, my postal scale and lots of material
30. What color is your watch? can't wear one, I have a weird syndrome that magnetizes them so they won't work
31. What do you think of when you think of Australia? my friend Lee-Anne & her family
32. Would you consider plastic surgery?yes but only for medical necessities.
33. What is your birthstone? Garnet
34. Do you go in at a fast food place or just hit thedrive thru? drive-thru
35.How many kids do you want? I've always wanted 3
36. Do you have a dog? no, more of a cat person
37. Last person you talked to on the phone? mortgage company
38. Have you met anyone famous? Bob Barker, Enrique Iglesias, Diamond Rio, Bruce Springsteen (he's body guard knocked me down a flight of stairs, it was so cool but that's a story for another time), more Baseball, Football & Hockey players than I can count.
39. Any plans today? work on craft projects & apply for more jobs
40. How many states have you lived in? One
41. Ever go to college?yes
42. Where are you right now? Office/Craft Room
43. Biggest annoyance in your life right now? Trying to find a job
44. Last song listened to? GoldDigger by Kanye West
46. Are you allergic to anything? everything
47. Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time? my brown leather sandals
48. Are you jealous of anyone?I try not to be
50. Is anyone jealous of you? not that I know of
51. What time is it? 12:04am
52. Do any of your friends have children? alot of them do
53. Do you eat healthy?I try
54. What do you usually do during the day? play with K, apply for jobs, return phone calls, work around the house, work on things for ebay, cook dinner, etc, etc, etc
55. Do you hate anyone right now? No
56. Do you use the word ‘hello’ daily? Yes
58. How old will you be turning on your next birthday?33
59. Have you ever been to Six Flags? Yes
60. How did you get one of your scars? I sliced my foot open about 4 inches when I dropped a window pain and it shattered and a piece came slicing throw my foot

Thanks Barbie for tagging me. I tag whoever has time for filling this out.

I'm Defeated

I'm Defeated, my allergies and sinus problems have finally kicked my butt. And along with K's severe allergies with her itching, stuffy nose, water eyes and too miserable to sleep, I'm exhausted. I wish the stupid weather would finally make up it's mind, either be cold or warm, none of this in between. I mean I do dread Spring coming because of how bad K's allergies are but it's better than what the weather is doing to them right now and mine will actually clear up for a little while until Summer comes making my sinus problems manageable. On top of all that, my camera finally died, ok well it still powers up but only takes pictures with this weird pink hue and blurs every picture. So I'm having to use my other digital camera that I only use for professional picture taken and since it burns right to a cd and I don't want to waste the cd's with taking only a few pictures, so no pictures until I take 200, which actually with K isn't hard to do in a couple of days. Well I'm off to be miserable with my water eyes, stuffy head, headache and exhaustion, hopefully I'll actually accomplish something today.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I had never really looked at the numbers about how many children were adopted from various countries in 2006 but wow, to think that K was only one of 163 children who came home in 2006 from Vietnam. And that we know about 25 of those children personally is quite amazing too.

International adoptions into the United States, 2006
China (Mainland) 6,493
Guatemala 4,135
Russia 3,706
South Korea 1,376
Ethiopia 732
Kazakhstan 587
Ukraine 460
Liberia 353
Colombia 344
India 320
Haiti 309
Philippines 245
China (Taiwan) 187
Vietnam 163
Mexico 70

Happy St. Patrick's Day (one day late)

Hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's day. We celebrated by eating cornbeef hash sandwiches last night. Otherwise I love the t-shirt that I found for K to wear it says "Kiss Me, I'm American". How cool is that! I also made K's hairbow and really love the way it turned out.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Egg Hunts

This weekend we went to 2 different Easter Egg Hunts and also the Egg hunt at Toy's R Us (can't beat FREE activities). K had so much fun and at both Hunts ended up picking up 20 eggs (so she got a total of 40). At the egg hunt today they were giving prizes away and K had 2 prize eggs so she picked out a shiny toy silver & blue purse and a stuffed bunny. At the Toy's R Us egg hunt, they gave each child 2 eggs, one had Dora on it and the other had Ming Ming from the Wonder Pets, they also had lots of activities for the kids to do, so K made a necklace and a set of bunny ears. We had so much fun and are looking forward to next weekend and more Easter egg hunts. By the way, aren't the outfits that K wearing adorable, Grandma made them both for her.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We have a New Physical Therapist

I called bright and early to our Case Worker, L. She wasn't in the office yet, so I left a voicemail and asked her to call back. She called back right before 12p and so I told her everything that happened. (see post below if you want to read the story) She was appalled that this women shook and yelled at K like she did. I also highlighted some of the other problems we have had with her. She asked me to write a formal complaint, which I am working on. Our Case Worker, L just called back around 3pm and said she found us a new Physical Therapist and after signing a few forms, we should start back up in about 2 weeks with sessions. She also said that when she went to call the Physical Therapist and told her she would no longer be working with K, that she was just shocked and per her words "but those people need me to help them, they need me to save them". Hmmm, Guess the Physical Therapist couldn't hide her craziness to the Case Worker either. I'm just so relieved to have this stress off my shoulders, I can't tell you how good this feels. I don't know why I didn't speak up sooner with my dissatisfaction and it took my daughter being in danger to do anything about it. But I'm just relieved that this chapter is behind us.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It was 71 Today!!

It was so nice to have warm weather today. After the morning from hell, which I'll write about a little later in this post, I took K to the park. We had never been to this park before and it really wasn't all that great. It had 3 different playgrounds, the biggest one was packed with big kids, so we headed off to the one that had no children playing on it. We ate lunch and then went to play. There were 3 other little kids playing there, so no worries about K getting knocked down or anything like that because they were all under the age of 2 1/2. K spent so much time going up and down the slide. And after watching another little girl swing, K decided to give it a try. Now up until now K would scream and just freak out if she was put in a swing or even taken near a swing, so I was really surprised when she wanted to give it a try. Of course K had to do it on her terms, which meant Mommy couldn't push her but K got the hang of it and actually started pumping her legs on her own so she could swing back and forth. I could of just cried right then and there watching her swing with a great big smile on her face. Read below the pictures about my morning from hell.

So otherwise K had a rough night last night, so when I got a phone call at 730am saying it was the Sears Home Repair guy here to fix the Washer, needless to say he woke me up. So I threw on some clothes and he was waiting at the front door. My wash machine has been broken since 2 days after Christmas, I have a Home Repair Warranty on it but it has taken me this long talking to the stupid 1-800 number and finally a manager to get someone out here. So he walks in, I tell him the problem, he goes will that means you need a new Main Control Panel (yep wash machine's computer is fried). So he looks to see if he has one in stock...of course he doesn't and he has to order the freakin' part. I am beyond livid at this point, it has taken me over 3 months to get you out here and you don't have the stupid part and it's not like I didn't tell the 1-800 number what the problem was, so it wasn't like you were coming out here without knowing what was wrong, so you would think you would come prepared! So now I have to wait another week for the part to come in and for him to come back out and install it. So hopefully next Wednesday I'll be posting about my wash machine being fixed and not about how I'll have to keep washing clothes in the sink because I'm still without one. But No that isn't the worse part of my day and even now I'm still LIVID!!! K had PT today, so as I've said I have had issues with the Physical Therapist and as the weeks and months have gone by I decided to just tolerate her because I thought she was retiring in May, well she changed her mind and will be around until K graduates out of the program, which is May2009. K and her has had there battle of wills in the last 3 months or so but it never amounted to anything because I would always intervene and get K to finish whatever activity it was. Today the Physical Therapist decides to have K walk over a 2x4 piece of wood. Well this isn't a new activity but instead of walking and stepping on it, she wanted K to totally step over the board without stepping on it. Well since this was a different activity then before K kept stepping on the board, the Physical Therapist showed her once what she wanted to do and K tried doing it but went back to just stepping on the board to cross it. Well I can see it in the Physical Therapist face that she is becoming annoyed because K isn't doing what she asked. So they Physical Therapist places her hands on K's upper arms, starts shaking her and yells at her, I was watching my daughter's shocked face that I can't even remember what she said but K was on the verge of tears and looking at me like what did I do wrong Mommy. The physical therapist takes her hands off K and I with great restraint because all I really wanted to do was hit this women, told her "I think it's time for you to leave". She took her things out to the car and wrote the session report and brought me my copy back to the door. I was going to call our Case Worker right away but I was so livid that if I did, well I'm not sure what I would have said and I really needed to calm down so I didn't sound like some crazy over-reacting mother but a very articulate person so this matter is handled properly. But you can betcha that bright and early tomorrow that our Case Worker will be receiving a call from me and we will be getting a new Physical Therapist!! So I'll let you all know how the phone call goes. Oh yeah, you know this great weather we had today by tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 30's for the rest of the week with freezing rain.

EDITED to ADD: Oh yeah one more thing about the Physical Therapist, as you know she's been trying to self diagnose K. Like she thought K was having seizures and well the list goes on. Well today's thing is that she asked me if K liked to swing and I told her no (it was before we went to the playground) she hates it, she screams and cries anytime we go near one and she goes well I think she has a Sensory Disorder. So of course I ask what kind of Sensory Disorder she thought it was and she asked if K liked going down a slide by herself and I go she'll go down but she's spooked herself a few times by almost falling off that she sometimes wants us to hold her hand so that way she slows down and so this is when she goes Oh then she must have Gravitational Insecurity Sensory Disorder. I have to say I'm really sick of this women trying to self-diagnose my child when there isn't a problem!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today my friend's J&J were in a bind, so I watched their daughter, S. She is 9 months younger than K and also adopted from Vietnam. The girls played, ate lunch and then both went down for a nap, after they got up they ate, played, went outside for a little while but then it got a little nippy so we came back in and played until J got here. I was so happy that S did so well and it was actually pretty funny because by the afternoon she became very possessive of me, I wasn't allowed to hold K. If K was in my arms, S would come over and try and removing my hands from around K.As soon as I would put K down, S would go back playing like nothing happened. And anytime my Mom would come close to me, S would come over and keep a hand on me until my Mom left. I had never seen her do this before and I have to say we got a little chuckle out of it. I just hope that S's jealous reaction isn't something that J&J have to look forward too since they just started the paperchase for #2. So far K has never had that reaction to me holding another child but since it looks like she will be almost 3 1/2 or 4 when her sister comes home from China, it maybe a whole different story then. In the pictures K is in the jeans and S is in the pink pants.

Monday, March 10, 2008


You know today wasn't all that bad. Played with K, cleaned up the potty chair (it's been stored outside) so we can begin potty training and put it in the bathroom, applied for some jobs and worked on some items to sell on Ebay. The day was going pretty well and even got better when my Mom came home and they gave out Hershey Almond Gold Bars at work and by luck a few people didn't want theirs so she was able to bring me home one. Mmmmm, just looking at it all wrapped up in it's gold foil makes me hungry. See these Almond Gold Bars cost $3.00 a piece and are smaller than a regular Hershey chocolate bar, these are consider "premium chocolate". I haven't ate mine yet, waiting for that special occasion, like when I get a new job maybe or maybe when I'm really craving chocolate. I'm just so excited to have one, it's like Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket, heck even the packaging reminds you of one. Then this evening before K got into her pj's, I put K on the potty and she went as soon as I took her diaper off and she sat down. I was so excited, maybe this potty training thing won't be so hard after all.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a Week

Well this week started off ok but it did take a downhill turn really fast. First off, Thank you to all that commented and emailed, it really meant alot to me that the post about K's condition really made an impact. A few people asked if they could link my blog or even repost my post on there blog, my answer is yes, because information is power. Just leave a comment or email me.

Our week went like this, Uncle N's girlfriend's Grandma had passed away so we had planned on attending her visitation/funeral that was on Wed. Well I forgot that K had a appointment at Shriner's that day. Well most of the time I attend these appointments alone just because I can't ask my Mom or my Brother to take off work to go with me. These appointments are exhausting, not only for K but also for me. Have you ever tired to wrangle a hysterical 2 year old, who is screaming so loud you think your ear drums are doing to burst, who is also ripping your clothes off because she is trying to crawl over you and away from them and in doing so is leaving claw marks (by the way I trim her nails as short as we can before we go because I can guarantee this will happen), all the while trying to have an intelligent conversation with the Doctor who is standing over 10 feet away from you at the door because they know they can't go anywhere near you daughter with out causing her to freak out more than she already is? That was our Wed appointment. K's fear of doctors has just gotten worse, it was horrible before but it's 200% worse now. And it's been since the Nerve Conduction Study, I blame it on the fact that she had to be awake for almost the whole test and trust me, I had the test done for carpal tunnel and it's the worst feeling you can every have. Imagine forgetting to turn off the light when you are changing the burned-out light bulb and you touch the socket and you get that shock of electricity going through you body, well magnify that by 1000% and that's what the Nerve Conduction feels like. Heck, I'm a very strong person, who tolerates severe pain and this test almost brought me to tears, so I totally understand why K thinks they are going to hurt her again. So after having the intelligent conversation that basically ended with us both agreeing we need to talk to the Neurologist before anything really can be solved, other than they ordered a new brace for K. So we headed over to the Shop, where they had to make a casting of K's leg. Well the Nurse who did the casting wouldn't hold K's leg totally straight, so I have a fear that they are going to have it all jacked-up like her last one and have her leg go at this weird funky curve. But I even pointed that out to the Nurse and she said they would fix the curve, I hope they will because I won't accept it this time because all it did previously is make K's leg hurt more because it wasn't been kept in the correct position.

Well then we got home that afternoon and my Father had left a message on my machine that when like this, "Your Aunt Gladys ******** passed away and I think the services is Wednesday or Thursday somewhere in SL." So I run upstairs and pull up the local SL paper and her visitation is Wednesday with Service on Thursday. Crap, Today is Wednesday!! So here it is 230pm and I'm trying to get ahold of my Mom at work and my Brother who is already at another funeral. So by 330pm, I get ahold of them all and so then K and I rush around trying to get cleaned up, everyone's clothes laid out and make sure to pack a bag of stuff for K. Amazingly, we were all clean, dressed and out the door by 410pm. Once we arrived there, we were greeted by our Cousins (my Aunt's daughters). They were so thankful we could make it, they said we were some of the first people they thought about after she had passed and they had thought we had been called by one of their husbands, instead I guess the husband left it up to my Father to call me, which I'm really surprised that he did since he still hasn't meet his only Granddaughter and refuses to speak with me when I have tried to make contact, but I also know that if he hadn't and we had missed this, well his a$$ would have been grass. Now there's alot of back history with my Father's family that well it's just too complicated to explain but my Father has a Sister. We were on good terms until September of this year but then she just sort of flipped out even more and was convinced that we were spying on her for my Grandma and her Goons. Well she came with my Great-Aunt (the last living from that generation) and she acted totally weird with me but actually had a really nice long conversation with my brother and actually talked with K. We kept our distance from each other but I didn't want to invade her space. Otherwise I spent a really long time with my Great-Aunt and it was really nice, but it also made me miss my Grandpa because our conversation and what we talked about was so similar, I guess Sisters and Brothers think alike.

Then on Thursday and Friday, K spent her days and nights in pain. She really didn't even want to play, just wanted to cuddle kitty. Even the baby Tylenol didn't even help a little bit. So we were just wore out. We spent today running errands, we ran into Hobby Lobby today and ran into a former Co-Worker, who was instrumental in me getting laid-off, so that was really awkward. She kept trying to fuss over K and she just didn't want this women within 50 feet of her....maybe she sensed my dislike for her? So that's my week, or mainly my Wednesday in a nutshell.