Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Meeeee

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Wow it's hard to believe that I'm 32 today, 2 years ago, on my 30th birthday I went to the post office and submitted my paperwork to my agency for China and I was also awaiting my referral from Vietnam. Who would of thought that I would still be waiting for my little girl from China on my 32nd birthday and she probably won't be home for my 33rd birthday either. Otherwise I haven't done much for my birthday, I'm babysitting S this week because her Momma went out of town for business, ate left over pizza for lunch and going to now indulge myself with a little computer time. Hope you all have a good day too!

Friday, January 25, 2008

America's Incrediable Pizza Company

What a great night we all had! I have to say that it lived up to it's hype and totally worth the 40 minute drive. Disappointments of the night were they really only had out about 5 types of pizza at a time and their dessert bar really didn't have that much stuff on it, plus their italian dressing wasn't very good. There pasta, potato and salad bar totally made up for it. The highlights of the salad bar was they had baby corn, mushrooms, pickled okra, it was an awesome salad bar. We also played a ton of games. K won the most tickets at one time, which was 125, I came in second with 75 tickets, Uncle N won 25, and my Mom won 20. It was a total amazing thing when K won her 125 tickets, it was on a Spongebob Squarepants game and all she had to do was stop Spongebob from spinning and whatever number she landed on was the number of tickets. Since it was my Birthday I also got a Birthday sticker and goody bag (lots of candy, a kazoo and whoope cushion). They were going to sing Happy Birthday to me, but my Mom said she wasn't going to embarrass me like that ;) We had an absolute blast and we can't wait to go back again.

Mommy & K play the Animal Sound game

K and Grandma playing Alien SkeeBall

Mommy & K playing SkeeBall, K's favorite thing to do was hand us the balls

K playing the Spongebob Game, this is the game she won 125 tickets on her first try

Uncle N & K playing the drum game, wherever the guys where on the screen, that's where you hit your drumstick at. Cool thing about it was you got to pick your song. We picked Happy Birthday!

Mmmmm, Pizza

K is doing much better, thank goodness. I think it was her allergies that was the cause of the other day because she was find after that. My keyboard, well I have discovered that if you pop the keys off, they won't pop back on, but it finally dried enough that I could take a paperclip and get between the keys. So I right now I can handle typing on my keyboard, but thanks so much for the offer Cindy of your old one.

Tonight I'm so excited because we are going out for my early birthday dinner and headed to America's Incrediable Pizza Company. I've talked to 2 people that have been there and they just raved about it, so I'm excited! Just waiting for K to wake up from her nap so we can leave. Pictures and a report tonight or tomorrow on if it lived up to it's hype!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


How do you remove puke from your keyboard? K wasn't feeling good today and before I could get her to a trash can fast enough, well I have a wonderful phlegm/milk/breakfast mixture that landed on my keyboard. I've tried a washcloth, paper towel, bottle brush, toothbrush but nothing wants to pick up the phlegm that is in between the keys. Help!! Any suggestions out there? Because typing on this keyboard is really gross.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I've been thinking alot lately about everything. More about why it seems like I've been on a string of bad luck since I went to Vietnam and brought K home. I tried to think did I cross someone while over there and had some curse put on me to cause all this but I couldn't think of anyone. And then I think there has to be some bigger plan that I just don't know about yet. The sad part is I'm a control freak and would really love to know what that plan is and how it will be revealed. About a week ago, I decided to just try and not worry about it because he has always provided for us. Which in turn has drove my Mom nuts because she is freakin out because how bad things are. And most of you know me that religion hasn't been a driving factor in my life, I believe, I pray, I go to church on a not to regular basis but I do try to live my life as a good person. My Grandpa taught me alot in his finally years and it wasn't that you had to sit in church every Sunday to believe in God or be a good Christian because at the time he was too frail from the cancer that had spread thought his whole body to make the trip to church. I learned more from the talks we would have almost every weekend while he sat in his recliner and I on the ugly beige couch about everything in life and I treasure each and every one of those moments we had together. So here I am laying it all out and giving it to God because I know somehow he will be able to take care of us. Wow, I didn't intend this to become a post about religion because I usually don't put my beliefs out in public that often except to ask for prayers. Which praying is something that every religion out there does.
I went to a job fair on Friday and a different one on Saturday. The one on Friday went well but not sure how fast they are hiring. The one on Saturday, well basically you were hired on the spot, needless to say I didn't make it past the first set of interviews because I didn't have enough manufacturing experience, they liked that I had a background in drafting and I had warehouse experience but just not enough. I could have screamed because we were there for 4 1/2 hours and walked away empty handed.
I've also been thinking alot lately that I haven't been a really good friend, I have been so wrapped up in the downwards spiral that is my life to realize that there are other people who I love that need a word or two or a great big hug from me once and a while. So here it goes....
A great big hug to Corey, David, Luke, Grandma J for finally bringing Sarah home and give Sarah a great big kiss from us too. Shelby, even thought we haven't talked that much lately you know your like a sister to me, so I'm here for you no matter how wrapped up in my own life I get. Amy give Samuel a great big hug & kiss and I promise we will catch up soon! Sara & Cindy, I wish I could give you a fast pass with China because you both have waited so long but all I can tell you is that the minute Mia & Samantha are in your arms this will all be a really bad memory. Stef, sorry I haven't written as much as I should have, thanks for always being there through all the good and bad! And to the rest of my friends and acquaintances, I love you!

Playing Foosball while waiting for Mommy to get out of the interview

Trying to reach the microwave

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This and Thats

Well my internet connection has been up and down the past few days because of the weather. The wind has been so bad that it's knocked out the cable a few times, thus knocking our internet out. We've had a snow flurries but mostly bitterly cold weather and wind and just think, it's suppose to get even colder this weekend. I finally figured out how to add links on to the side of my blog, so I finally have our Ebay link listed. I also finally was able to list blogs & websites we visit often.

Otherwise back to last weekend and getting K's pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. These were very special pictures we were having taken, my Great-Grandma was taking care of the cost because we wanted a really unique picture of K in the hooded cape that K's Great-Great Grandma made (God rest her soul, she's now been gone for 21 years), so you can see why this cape is super special. So we also wanted to include other items, the baby quilt that Great-Grandma made, a porcelain doll from Grandma and of course K wanted Kitty Cat (K's favorite toy). We stress this several times before & during our session. So we show up for our appointment and of course K has her brace on. So the girl who was first chosen didn't want to take our pictures after seeing the brace. They send in another girl and she goes, is there any limitations, I say "No but she hates to lay on her stomach". Which K does hate laying her stomach plus she's got on a fancy vintage white dress and I don't want it getting dirty. So she sits K down in a beat-up rocking chair and goes in a plain mono-tone voice "will you smile for me?" "will you smile for the bear?". Ok, K is almost 2 and anyone who knows and has taken picture of kids that you have to perform most times or talk silly to get them to smile, especially in a studio environment. Then the Photographer looks at me and then my Mom and goes "There's something wrong with her right? Like she's not all there, Like she's not right in the head?" I was appalled at this point and plainly replied "NO, she just thinks your not right". Needless to say it flies right over this women's head. So my Mom and I knew the only way were going to get a decent picture was we were going to have to make K smile. So when all is said and done out of the 80 photos the women took, only 2 pictures contained all 3 important items, the cape, quilt & doll we wanted in them. The Photographer half the time cut them out of the picture and did head shots, which didn't even show the cape. I couldn't believe it out of 80 photo's we had 2 choices. Both my Mom and I agreed on the same picture, it wasn't the best smile but it was cute. Needless to say, we won't be going back there. I've already wrote a complaint letter to their corporate office because they really need some training on handling clients with differences.

Tomorrow my Mom and I are going to a job fair, we are going to take turns going in so that way someone is always with K. Hopefully something will turn up. My Birthday is coming up in 12 days (Jan 29th) but we are going out to celebrate on the 25th at America's Incredible Pizza Company, I'm so super excited!! Just think about it a giant Pizza, Pasta, Potato, Salad & Dessert Bar that is all you can eat, along with games, I can't wait!

I Love this picture, I took it today of K having Kitty Cat talk on the phone.

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Freakin Cold Monday

The weekend went way to fast, it was so nice and warm most of the weekend and then you wake up today on Monday and it's freakin' freezing. No snow, just cold weather. My brother N left just a little while ago to take his GRE, please pray that he gets a good score. I was away from the computer most the weekend so that way N could use it to take the practice test and study. Otherwise I heard from K's Social Worker today, still haven't heard anything from our Foster Social Worker but K's SW was wondering if I was interested in an older child's adoption, a little girl who is 7 and being taken care of by her sick Grandma. I have to write her back and decline because I don't have a job right now and can barely take care of us. It breaks my heart that I have to do this because after seeing this little girls picture, she feels like she belongs with us. So please pray that they find her a family that can take care of her the way she deserves to be taken care of. Nothing new on the job front, I think I've sent out close to 200 resumes and have only heard back from about 2 different places, the one the lady called me back after setting up the interview and canceled saying she found the right person and the other one turned into a rip-off selling scheme. So I guess I'll ask you to say a few prayers that a new job turns up quickly because things are getting tough.
I have more to write about our weekend but it's time for lunch. I have to get on later and write my complaint about Portrait Innovations and how they treated K when we went to get her pictures taken.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Speech Evaluation

Today was K's speech evaluation...did you know that for a child about to turn two, she should be saying over 200 words, be saying up to 3 syllable words and be talking in at least 4 word sentences? So of course you know that K isn't doing those things. I mean she's got probably around 50 words but they are really only 1 syllable and the most she talks is in 2 word sentences. They said it could be a number of things including poor nutrition at the beginning of her life that is causing the delay or the fact she was in an orphanage for 6 months with no stimulation or her illness that also causes her paralysis. I have to say that M, the speech pathologist was awesome and I'm so excited that she will be the one working with K. Now if I could only get that darn physical therapist replaced. We have our 6 month IESP or ISP meeting on the 23rd and I may inquire about when the PT is retiring and then suggesting getting a new PT because of that. I don't know I'm sort of chicken about getting the PT replaced, maybe I like the drama she causes in my life or I think also she could seriously flip out if I suggest replacing her. Oh the trials of my life. Otherwise I love this dress so I tried to get some pictures of K in it today, well she wasn't too cooperative even though I was making a complete fool out of myself trying to get her to smile. I got a lot of pictures of her showing her attitude, I wonder who she gets that from? I would like to say not me but the look on her face is so mine.


This was last night's sunset, I totally got caught up in how beautiful it was. I haven't had a lot of inspiration lately in taken nature pictures since the weather has been so weird. I have had my nature pictures published in four different books and 2 magazines and have won quite a few awards for them too in the last 3 years. In just this last month I won the Editor's Choice award from ISP for my Columbine Floral picture that I captured 2 years ago. Now if I could just find someone to pay me for my work.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bragging on my Mommy

I just had to brag on my Mom, she did the Kisses for you bar that is pictured here in the ad for Hersheys. She actually did quite a few of the bars that are pictures on the website. How cool is it that she not only is on email ads but also print and website being published for her work, even if it's only chocolate. I'm just so proud of her.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

I just hate this, waiting to be called for an interview, waiting on the social worker, waiting on K's speech evaluation to be done....UGH!! I'm sick of WAITING. I hate these new systems where you can track your progress on where your application is because I'm sorry I'm not really a patient person and per the computer, my application has been sitting on the hiring managers desk for 4 days and I would think by now they would have called me for an interview. Let alone all these other contacts that you get through Monster.com that come by email saying please contact me because I have a great job for you and when you do it's some bullcrap. Otherwise nothing new, just hanging out with K, cleaning the house, trying to get things organized and trying to make some money by selling custom clothes and other random stuff on ebay. My Mom makes these great custom clothes and has a ton of stuff listed right now on ebay for Valentine's day and Chinese & Vietnamese new year. In other news we have taken advantage of the nice weather the past 2 days and have spent alot of time outside playing. It's amazing to be breaking records because it's so warm in the dead of winter.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Year

Well I've decided that 2008 has to be better then 2007. We shed too many tears, had too many worries and not enough money, so this year has to be better. I know starting out the new year with no job, uncertainty about K's condition and worries about how to make the house payment are not a good way but unlike years past, I really truly can feel that this year is going to be different. That this year is going to be one of many blessings! So here's to a great 2008, trust me it can't be any worse than 2007 was!

Visiting my Grandma

On the 30th we headed up North to visit my Grandma or K's Great-Grandma. Since my Grandpa died we only see this women once a year. Not because we wanted no contact but this is what she requested...well actually demanded. My Grandma became a money hungry freak as soon as my Grandpa passed away. She stood at the front of his casket during the funeral and shed fake tears. While the rest of us were hurting and actually for once wanting to be a family, she told each and everyone of us lies about each other and that we were never allowed back on the family farm. Every year I have made a point of bringing her a Christmas gift. The first year I mailed it, while the last 3 years I made a point of stopping by the farm and even though she wasn't suppose to be there, she always was. The last 2 years she has treated us like foreign people yet this year it was a 180 turn around. Ever since my daughter came home, she has never once used her name. Even when she meet her last Christmas she treated her like some alien standing in her living room. The night before we planned on heading up there, I called my Great-Aunt to let her know we were coming to visit and also my Grandma's house. And like usual my Grandma hung up on me everytime I would call. Yet after visiting with our Great-Aunt, we headed to my Grandma's not knowing if she was even home but we were at least going to leave her presents. Well as soon as I got out and headed to the door she came flying out, grabbing me, hugging me and crying, not fake tears but the real thing. Once she realized it wasn't only me in the car, she told me to hurry up and get K out of the car because she can't wait to see her. My Mom was along and she swears that my Grandma was drunk but I hugged her and got close enough to her to know that she wasn't. She actually spent the evening like a real family, she played with K, used her name, hugged and kissed her and treated her like a Grandma should. I'm not sure if it was a holiday miracle of some sort or it was drugs but it was nice to finally have my daughter treated the way she should, like a great-granddaughter.