Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday K !!!

Wow, I can't believe that 2 years ago today my little girl was born. I thought alot last night about her birthmom since I was up because K was sick and wondered if she was thinking about her. I wish we knew who she was because I would love for her to know what an amazing little girl she gave birth too. K has changed my life for the better and I am so thankful she is my daughter. Happy Birthday Baby!

We had K's birthday party last Saturday and tonight we will celebrate with a low-key family celebration. I think she's most excited about blowing out the candles on the cake, that is her favorite thing to do.

Monday, February 18, 2008

A New Week

Well last week was just crazy. As I have admitted before I'm not a spic-n-span type of house cleaner. My house is clean but cluttered, I still have more than half my boxes from moving here still packed, plus add on top of that being a pack rat, well it just spells disaster. So needless to say my Grandma C, the one who we had the miracle at Christmas time because she acted civil. Well she was coming to my house for the first time this past weekend to celebrate her birthday. So she's very judgemental so I really wanted my house to look uncluttered and super clean. So I busted my butt and got at least 99% of the downstairs cleaned and uncluttered. What did I do with the clutter, brought it upstairs, yep, I know, makes no sense at all. I have to say it went well but it really sort of messed with my brother because basically since my Grandpa died in '03, Grandma has told lies, said really mean, hurtful and nasty things and basically didn't hide the fact she hated us. And now all of a sudden she is all peaches and cream and being a normal human being and constantly said on Saturday how much she loves and misses us. I mean this is the same women who told us at a very young age, that we weren't her Grandchildren and never would be her Grandchildren because we didn't come from her daughter's womb and just my father's bastard children (by the way my Mom & Dad was married for 16 years before getting divorced and was married when both my brother and I was born) and that because we didn't come from her daughter's womb we only carried my Mother's dirty blood (we are 1/2 Native American and she hates that). But I was taught that family is family and that you forgive them for their faults even big ones like my Grandma has. My Brother on the other hand, well he doesn't have as tough as skin as I do. Since he was my little Brother, I tried to protect him at all costs from the dysfunctinality that is that side of the family, so when my Grandpa died and the whole family went crazy, well he wasn't totally prepared for it, whereas I pretty much knew and had said for the longest time that the battles that happened, would happen. So I'm feeling a little bad that I let our Grandma back into our lives at his point because I can handle whatever she throws at me and I can protect K from whatever happens. But I guess my baby Brother grew up and I can't protect him anymore. I just hope he doesn't get hurt from me allowing her back in our lives.

Otherwise we are getting ready for K's 2nd Birthday party this Saturday. We've got about 30 people who have RSVP'd but most of them are know for RSVPing and then not showing up. I worked on the chocolates today, I made homemade chocolate that's molded for her 1st birthday and I decided to make it a tradition. So some of the chocolate are just bites size pieces, while others are chocolate suckers and then I also make chocolate covered pretzel rods. Her birthday theme is Spring/Garden, so the plates and napkins have butterflies on them and then the molded chocolate bites and suckers are different kinds of bugs and then the pretzel rods are topped with chocolate carrots. I also am going to make a few chocolate rabbits to sit on the tables.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

So glad it's the weekend

Well I really am not feeling well, yesterday I decided to trip over a bag, hit my head on the bar chairs, ram myself into K's little tike car and finally I stopped when I ran into my Mom's tea cart. Needless to say I've got two huge bumps on my head, my back hurts, my knee is swelled and bruised and I'm 99% for sure I broke 2 toes (can't really tell since they are swelled up too). So thinking that it's the start of the weekend and start of a new week, it has to be better than last week!!!

The job interview went well and they said they would be contacting me within a week or so. I hope thats the truth. It's a consulting company so I won't stay in one job for very long, but they say they get lots of work and you should never be without a job for more than a few days.
Otherwise it was really cool getting to see the Hershey bars on the Today Show. Then on Monday, my Mom did some of the bars that are going to be shown on Good Morning America. I made K two appointments with Shriner's, they can't get us in till the beginning of March but that's not too far away. I'm looking forward more to the Neurologist appointment so I can at least ask him about the questionable seizures. K also has to get her hearing checked on the 20th. It was one of the things her Social Worker/Case Coordinator wanted her to have for them to continue her physical therapy services. I don't think there is anything wrong with her hearing but it's always better to be safe then sorry.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Spoke Too Soon....Could she be having seziures?

Well right after writing yesterday's post it seemed like our string of bad luck kicked into high gear again. First it was looking outside to discover that our creek was flooding outside it's banks but closer inspection showed that the pipeline that runs through our property was actually retaining the water, creating a second creek. Which I had to promptly call the Pipeline to tell them about this because that means the pipeline is sinking and as they said to me "oh, that's not good at all". The original creek is the one closest in the pictures. So once I came inside, I hear drip, drip, drip, my roof is leaking, so I throw a bowl under the one drip I hear and as soon as that one is taken care of I hear another drip, drip, drip, so out came another bowl, by the time I was done I had 5 leaks in various places in my front room and kitchen. This is the part of the house that supposedly had a brand new roof put on it right before we moved in.

Because we have exposed beams, the water was running down the beam and dripping where the bucket was, I threw the towels down that way if it dripped anywhere else it wouldn't stain the carpet. The yellow bowl is a huge salad bowl and it was filled half way with water from the ceiling in my kitchen. But that was only yesterday, today my brother left for work and had to turn around because the car he drives broke down, so now we have a car that needs to be fixed.

But this is the scariest part of today. While K was having her physical therapy she zoned out twice, now she does this not all the time but pretty often. I have always thought she was like any little kid that sort of zones out on an item. I mean I did the same thing as a kid and heck even as an adult. But when she does this, if you wave your hand in front of her, say her name or anything like that she doesn't respond at all. Still I didn't find this at all abnormal, until her therapist goes, I think she maybe having seziures. WHAT? I mean I know that all sezuires aren't like the ones on tv, where the persons body starts jerking or the totally stifen up, I went to school with a girl that sort of does the same things as K. So is the therapist over reacting? I mean Bloggers out there don't your kids or yourself do the same things, zone out and then not snap right out of it? Please I need comments or thoughts on this. I mean this is something that was totally off my radar sort of like what is causing her paralysis and it's just freaking me out.

Now the only good news of today....yesterday while my Mom was at work, they rushed her over to a table to do some chocolate bars in these whole hush, hush kind of way. It was all now you gotta make these look good, of course my Mom's comment was don't I always make them look good? Well when she got home she was talking about how stupid they were acting at work about these bars and I asked what names she put on them and she said Al & Meredith. We talked a little more and I go, I wonder if they are for the Today Show? Which I was totally kidding but that's the only Al & Meredith I know. Well today when she went to work they told her what the big deal was, they were for the Today Show!!! So they are suppose to be on the Today Show they think on Friday for one of their segments! How freakin awesome is that.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shock of Shocks

I am amazed, I just got off the phone to our Foster Social Worker, P. I'm shocked because I was told she would give me as soon as possible and she actually called me the same day my information was given to her. After sitting around for the last few months I'm actually on the list to receive a placement which of course I never made it on the list before because the other women never called me. I'm super excited that things are finally moving along!

Oh my Goodness can I actually say that our string of bad luck may actually on the upturn to good things?

Fat Tuesday, Super Tuesday, It's Tuesday!

Well finally some news about my foster social worker, it seems per K's homestudy social worker she has disappeared off the face of the planet. Hmm, surprise, surprise, maybe that's why I haven't heard from her in say almost 5 months now. She was able to pass all my info and stuff over to our new Foster Social Worker, P. I was assured that she would be contacting us very soon, I just hope that's the truth. Because it has really sucked sitting here with a license for 2 months and be in limbo.
Otherwise today is Fat Tuesday, I'm still debating if I'll go to the Mardi Gras parade tonight. I missed the parade on Saturday and I'm really bummed but tonight's parade won't start till after 8p and it'll last a good 3 hours. Plus I don't have anyone to go with me, maybe I'll be able to convince my brother to go with me. Today is also Super Tuesday, so remember to go and vote. Honestly I'm disappointed by the selection of candaites that are left and actually thought about not going and voting. But as they say every vote counts and I guess I'll go and pick the lesser of the evils that are left.
Well yesterday we had record highs, I couldn't believe it was over 70 degrees yesterday and just think a few days ago we were digging out of almost 10 inches of snow. Today it's raining and possible tornados which living in a known tornado zone doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy and not having a basement doesn't make me feel any better either. Here are a few pictures from the past few days

K making her very 1st snow angel

K playing in her kitchen

Monday, February 4, 2008

Job Interview Finally!

Whoo Hoo! I've got a job interview on Thursday and it looks really positive. Finally some good news. K had a rough night last night and she is a real crab today. Her legs were hurting her so badly and it sucks that there is nothing I can do when this happens. I've got to make an appointment over at Shriners to see what we can do about it, I've been putting it off because I really didn't want to mess with the trip over there because of the highway shut-down but we really need to meet with them. I'm also on the hunt for a new peditrician since our old one won't bill our insurance company the correct way and wants me to pay outright over $3500 in past due. If they just would bill the dang insurance company the correct way, then there wouldn't be this problem!! Plus I had been talking about making this change since moving but just didn't want to take the time to find someone new that I trusted in our area because I really didn't mind the hour drive but honestly her professionalism has been lacking since I brought K home. Well K is asleep on my shoulder and it's making it really hard to type so going to try and lay her down.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow, Depressed & Life

Well I've been in sort of a funk since my birthday...basically everyone except my Mom, Brother & Daughter forgot my birthday. No birthday cards, no phone calls, no nothing from any other family members, close friends or even blog friends (see my post below not even a single comment). I probably wouldn't have cared if anyone had commented or not on my blog to wish my Happy Birthday if family members and close friends would have remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday. So basically I'm feeling really unloved right now by people who I really love and I thought they felt the same.
Otherwise I spent the last 3 days babysitting my friends J & J's little girl. K had a ton of fun with her and it was a nice break in our usual routine. Still nothing on the job front and that's just as depressing, I'm a capable women with tons of experience and that gets you no where. What is worse it I just don't know what's going to happen, I've applied for some jobs in other states and so far haven't heard anything from those either. Maybe I'm just being over anxious, I mean seriously it's only been a little over a month since I lost my job and basically 2 weeks of that was during the holiday season. We also got about 10 inches of snow last night, we had so much fun playing outside in it today.

2/3/08 Edited to Add: That I missed Corey wishing me Happy Birthday on the Pizza Post!! Thanks Corey!! And I also got a birthday card and a phone call on Saturday from my Great-Great Aunt, who was confused on what day exactly my birthday was but at least she was close and remembered. More than I can say about the rest of my family and friends.