Thursday, March 5, 2009

1st week of Pre-School

Well I had been meaning to post this sooner but it's just been one thing after another. K was suppose to start school on Monday but she was sick, so I took her to the doctor and he said wait another week (after the week we had already waited) and if she's not better I'll give her an antibiotic. Eeerrr!! It would have been different if I had ran in there the day after she started getting sick, I had already waited a week, she wasn't better, so don't you think you should treat her? So instead I get to call him tomorrow and say she isn't any better, now give me the freakin' prescription. So K's first day of pre-school was on Tuesday. I'm thankful that everyday they give a summary of what they did in class because whenever I ask K anything about school, she won't tell any of us anything about her school day. Which unlike I guess most Mom's I wasn't upset, weepy or anything at the thought of her going to pre-school, dropping her off or walking her to class. Instead it was the realization, that up until now I pretty much know everything that she did in her life. And unlike most children who want to tell you everything when you pick them up from class, K isn't going to be that way, so I will never know anything more that what is on the summary hanging up outside the classroom. Which that is what makes me sad.

K walking into school

K's first art project from school

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