Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Fall Festival

Yesterday we headed over to the next town, ok it's not even 2 miles down the road from us to attend their fall festival. They had advertised it as an affordable way to have family fun and dinner where nothing cost over a $1.00. HA! HA!HA! Needless to say I didn't expect steak but I did expect the hot dogs would only cost a $1.00, instead they were $2.00 and if you needed a drink they started at $3.00. Needless to say we ended up splitting a hot dog and bowl of chili between the 3 of us. The rides I expected to be $1.00 a piece, nope you had a buy a bracelet for $10.00 (the cheapest way) or pay per ride, which none of them was under $3.50 in cost. So we didn't ride any rides. They did have some games that only cost 25 cents a piece to play, so K got to play $2.00 worth. But our main reason to go was because we love to dress up for Halloween and they were having a Halloween Costume contest. Amazingly we were able to pull together and make K's complete Halloween costume together in about 3 hours. I also figured out that it cost in total less than $5.00 to make the entire thing. Here's why, we got all the taffeta and satin material at an estate sale which cost $2.00 a bag, the lace on her hat was from a church rummage sale that was $1.00 a bag, the pink part of her hat that helped hold up the cardboard was a foam visor which I paid 50 cents for. The stuffed lamb was a gift, her shepard's hook was a cane that was left in our very 1st house and it's just moved everytime we have moved, the ribbon I covered it with only cost 25 cents a row. So that brings our grand total to $3.75. Grandma also dressed up like a lamb, which was so adorable. Well even though I have to say that K and Grandma had the best costumes there, they ended up losing to a girl in a sweatshirt because it was a popularity contest opposed to actual judging. If we would have know that we would have brought more people along to cheer for us so we could of won. But they were happy with their Honorable Mention and the tons of people including the Director of the Festival who said we should have won.


Anonymous said...

Interesting..! Well, she is looking cute in her Halloween costumes.

Farrah said...

She is very adorable...And great job! you guys know how to bargain shop and make things Good for you!!!

I can't believe she is getting so big....WOW where did our little girls go?