Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Upward Swing

Wow, things here are really starting to turn around. I was suppose to have a Hearing today about my unemployment. The company who layed me off was being real jerks. They fought my initial claim and after I won that one, they filed their appeal which was being held today. The appeal was suppose to start at 9a and around 910a I got a call from the Judge who said that she hadn't heard from the company and she was giving them 5 more minutes and if she didn't hear from them she was denying their claim and dropping the appeal. Well it's now almost 1030a, I emailed the Judge and am waiting a response back to make sure I can go about my day but if they haven't called by now, I'm pretty sure she's dismissed their appeal. Whoo Hoo, Little Guys 1, Big Bad Company 0!

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Shelby said...

Woo-Hoo been off the computer for a few days and look at all the good news I missed.. YEAH for you guys!!