Thursday, December 4, 2008

I think I'm going crazy?

Ok so right now I'm working 5 days a week on overnights (10p till sometime after 6am), 2-3 days a week I'm working my daytime job. Of course we still are running our online business and doing quite a few art festivals on the weekends. I don't think I sleep more than 2-3 hours a day. And I just realized after all this that I thought my 171-H had expired and I was ok with that because I was just going to renew C's adoption under the I-800 but instead my 171-H doesn't expire until January, so for the month of December, along with working like a crazy women, our weekend art festivals selling our wares, trying to spend quality time with K, all our Christmas parties and festivites, I'm now going to be running around trying to get all the paperwork together so I can resubmit my 171-H since I won't have to pay since I get a 3rd extension on it. I guess like everything else with C's adoption it has just fallen into place and so far my faith hasn't failed me concerning my Little C's adoption and I'm thinking there is no way it's going to fail me now.

Also I got hurt at work tuesday night, a giant box was dropped on my head. I still have the headache and blurry vision. Luckily didn't have to get stitches or anything like that. Once I got home on Wednesday morning within 2 hrs of stepping in the door I come down the the flu or some virus. I was so sick yesterday and today, I'm feeling 100 times better than yesterday but still not even close to 100%, heck not even close to 70%. Also over the Thanksgiving holiday, my best and oldest friend came to visit and meet K for the first time. We have know each other since 7th grade, we stayed at each others houses almost every weekend and once we were able to drive we were together every moment of every weekend cruzing up and down the river getting ourselves into all kinds of trouble. He moved away 7 years ago, the big reason was to get away from his family but he had also meet what he thought was his true love. Which I knew from the beginning it wasn't but whatever, I was supportive because I loved him. They didn't even last 2 years but until this year he has never been able to bring himself back here and be strong enough to survive his family. I'm am so thankful that he was this year and that we got to spend all that time just hanging out. You look at the picture we took of us and K together and you think what a happy little family they make but alas even though we love each other that deeply and trust me the goodbye was a Hallmark moment it would never work out. I just can't believe how much I miss him already.

So here are a few pics from November, I've really been lacking in downloading and updating but I know everyone understands that I'm basically a warm-blooded zombie like I seem to be every holiday season.
K playing in the pit

K's first experience with a gumball machine

K was getting super fussy or having a temper tantrum, so I ran some warm water in the sink and let her play in it, next thing I know she has sat down in the sink and was splashing water everywhere.

mashing potatoes on Thanksgivinglaughing outside after getting home from braving the stores on Black Friday and we didn't buy a single thing either


Shelby said...

Welcome to the lack of sleep club!!!
I LOVE the sick picture. That is too funny.
Feel better! Hugs to all.

Shelby said...

ok that is supposed to say SINK picture..
guess I had better go get some sleep...