Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're In

Whoo Hoo!! Thank goodness the interview is over. My sweet daughter, who is usually calm, sweet and polite decided to have a bad day today. The downside it got even worse during the interview for Pre-school . I know that she was just overly tired because she decided to wake up at 4am asking for breakfast and when I told her it was too early for breakfast she wanted dinner. So needless to say that by the time the interview rolled around she had already been up for 6 hours, had our exit meeting this morning with our Service coordinator for Physical therapy and she also had her Physical therapy session. Luckily the Interviewer took it all in stide and my sweet Daughter got into the highly private, very elite, very expensive, way out of my budget, excellent educational and overally amazing Pre-School. She gets to start school on March 2nd and we are just so freakin' excited!!