Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas Celebration

Well the pictures were a little out of order on the last post, the first picture should have been the potato candy (the last picture). My Great-Great Grandma use to make it every year and it's been a family tradition. Well this is the first year that my Mom was like, "hey lets make potato candy". Well she doesn't have a recipe or anything just this is the ingredients. So I skin a whole bunch of baking potatoes, coo k them, mash them, and so on. Then we realize that we really only should have used about 4 potatoes and that would have been enough to make candy for everyone, family, neighbors, friends, etc and also some to send to friends far away. So now we have enough potato candy to feed everyone in the world. And I gotta say it's so freakin good.
The next picture is of K and her kitchen that Santa brought but the point of the pictures is her "Meow Ho Ho Ho" Hat that she has on. While trying to start and finish our Christmas shopping on the 22nd of December. We were walking down the aisle and she started point and saying "that cat" and then meowing. Well we were next to the pet stockings so I really thought she wanted to see one of them. So I started to hand her one and she shook her head "no". And so she continued her "that cat meow". So finally I really look at what she is looking at and thrown at the bottom under a billion other hats is a leopard looking ball, so I pull it out and she excitedly put it on her head and exclaims "Meow Ho Ho Ho". So of course I had to buy it and I was excited when it was only $1.74. So K got her "Meow Ho Ho Ho" hat that she wore all the way home, all day on Christmas and every day since then. I guess she's not going to let me pack it away with the other Christmas decorations.
Then there is our stove, which did catch on fire, if you blow up the picture you can see the salt we through on it and also how it's still burning at that point. I was trying to cook potato casserole when this happened. We are still not sure what caused it because nothing ran over. So it's a mystery. But we then used the picture of the bucket of water to clean up the whole stove and the insides of the stove. And the very last picture is not of the smoke alarms which failed to go off (yes I am going to buy new smoke detectors) it was of the burglar alarm that went off instead and the panel wouldn't reset it, so I had to climb up there and unhook the wires to make it stop.

So that was our Christmas in a nutshell. There were a few other things like it was only suppose to be the 4 of us and my Grandparents ended up staying with us because my Grandma was sick instead of heading to Tennessee like planned. My Grandpa complained about everything we fixed for dinner and how it didn't get enough to eat. Which just ticked me off for the fact that my Mom and I didn't eat certain stuff so he could have more which it certainly did take seconds and thirds.

Otherwise my Mom did escape the layoffs, so at least we have one income, but they cut her hours back, so not as much money coming in. We are still trying to get the social worker to come out for our last home visit. She is never around when I call and I"m just getting frustrated I'm trying to find out if I could change agencies but that would mean starting all over with home visits and paperwork and we have already put in so much time to get to this point. So I'm just not sure what to do. I have my license in hand and hanging up in my kitchen cabinet and I carry my state issued foster parent license (looks like a driver's license) in my wallet too.

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