Thursday, January 3, 2008

Visiting my Grandma

On the 30th we headed up North to visit my Grandma or K's Great-Grandma. Since my Grandpa died we only see this women once a year. Not because we wanted no contact but this is what she requested...well actually demanded. My Grandma became a money hungry freak as soon as my Grandpa passed away. She stood at the front of his casket during the funeral and shed fake tears. While the rest of us were hurting and actually for once wanting to be a family, she told each and everyone of us lies about each other and that we were never allowed back on the family farm. Every year I have made a point of bringing her a Christmas gift. The first year I mailed it, while the last 3 years I made a point of stopping by the farm and even though she wasn't suppose to be there, she always was. The last 2 years she has treated us like foreign people yet this year it was a 180 turn around. Ever since my daughter came home, she has never once used her name. Even when she meet her last Christmas she treated her like some alien standing in her living room. The night before we planned on heading up there, I called my Great-Aunt to let her know we were coming to visit and also my Grandma's house. And like usual my Grandma hung up on me everytime I would call. Yet after visiting with our Great-Aunt, we headed to my Grandma's not knowing if she was even home but we were at least going to leave her presents. Well as soon as I got out and headed to the door she came flying out, grabbing me, hugging me and crying, not fake tears but the real thing. Once she realized it wasn't only me in the car, she told me to hurry up and get K out of the car because she can't wait to see her. My Mom was along and she swears that my Grandma was drunk but I hugged her and got close enough to her to know that she wasn't. She actually spent the evening like a real family, she played with K, used her name, hugged and kissed her and treated her like a Grandma should. I'm not sure if it was a holiday miracle of some sort or it was drugs but it was nice to finally have my daughter treated the way she should, like a great-granddaughter.

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