Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Stroller and Shriner's

Yesterday we were so excited because our new stroller arrived!! It took the manufacturer quite awhile to send it to us since we won this back in November but it was all worth the wait. And Laurie was so sweet in all she did to make sure we received it! They also because of all the trouble sent us an extra box with a few toys inside it (Thanks to Laurie). We had a blast playing with the little steering wheel driving toy last night.

Today K had her appointment at Shriner's. It was amazing the difference from this appointment to our last because of her maturity level and just think she's not even 3 yet. She had to get X-rays because we are noticing a big difference after her last growth spurt that her legs did not grow the same. They said that this will probably be a problem all her life with a noticeable difference between them (not what I wanted to hear). It was so funny when she was getting her x-ray because they had the camera basically on the ground trying to get the x-ray and then they told her to stand really still because they are about to take the pictures, K goes "CHEESE" really loud. I thought I was going to fall over laughing. Otherwise she never cried at all, she was such a big girl about the whole thing. She did get a little nervous and asked to hold my hand but that was it. Even the Nurse and our main Doctor commented that she never even allows them in the room without dissolving into a crying, screaming mess, they were so excited with this new change also. Our last stops was of course the shop, she has to have a new brace made and this time they are building in a slight wedge in hopes to stop the callous on the outside of her foot and to hold her foot and leg in a better position in her brace. My Baby Brother is home, so we are using a gift certificate we got for Christmas and going out to eat, so gotta go

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Farrah said...

Heather she has gotten so big and beautiful...

How did our babies get this close to 3 years old! Wasn't they just born?