Monday, January 12, 2009


Well for the last 3 months we have been looking really hard at pre-schools for K. We went to quite a few that I just wasn't thrilled about and a few that my Mom and I walked out of and said hell no! Today I was finally able to see what I had considered my top choice for a pre-school. I have heard that they are very inventive in their teaching and ahead of the curve. I had meet them before at a local festival where they were hosting an art project booth for children and I was very impressed by them then. I have to say during our visit today my opinions did not change. The funniest part was when they asked about my child's age and I said she would be 3 at the end of February and then they looked around me and saw K standing there and goes "You can't mean that this is the 3 yr old". I laughed and go, "yep that's her." We visited the two 3 year old classrooms, I did find it interesting that the ones that were only their for Preschool for all was in one classroom while the other classroom were tuition based Preschool students. The explained to us that it was because Preschool for all was only 1/2 day, while the tuition preschool was for all day and this way it caused less confusion. I was concerned at first but by watching both classes there was no difference in their teaching methods or what the children were learning. I guess one other thing I really liked was they didn't even look down on me or my Mom and we were dressed like slobs today with our hair slicked back (hey it's freezing here and super windy). Plus they didn't even assume that she was adopted and it wasn't until I was explaining how some of her paperwork is in her English name and some is still in her Vietnamese name did all of a sudden they go "oh is she adopted?". I'm so excited that we have Preschool for all in our state because that enabled everyone to have a chance to send their children to whatever preschool they wanted no matter what the cost. I mean heck even when I was making $70,000 plus a year, I wouldn't have been able to afford to send K to this preschool (it costs more a year than what Baby Brother is paying in total for grad school). They also said because of K having a special need that there was a good chance she would qualify for all day preschool through Preschool for all. Whoo Hoo that would even be better! As for K, I think she will be a perfect fit in this school, she was so excited to see the other children and really wanted to go and play with them. I was also so excited to see other Asian children in the classes there. So everything should be set but they have to make sure a spot stays open till March 1st, we have some paperwork to fill out, a home visit and finally waiting till K turns 3. I'm praying that everything falls into place because I really believe deep down that this is where K is suppose to go to school at. Otherwise I wouldn't have walked out of there with that this is where we are suppose to be feelings that I didn't have at any other of the preschools.
Also for those friends and family who have access to K's private journal it's finally updated except for Christmas day (because we ended up losing like 400+ pictures from that day and I'm waiting for copies from some family members).

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