Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow, Ice, Sleet....Go Away

Well it started snowing yesterday before noon, then last night it turned into ice, then sleet, then snow and all day today it's been sleet and about 10 min. ago it started snowing again. This weather is suppose to continue till tomorrow evening. I am so disappointed, because of the weather they canceled K's first ever dance class. So as long as next Tuesday's weather holds out, that will be K's first dance class. She's so excited not because of the ballet part of it but because she's going to learn how to tap. She loves to wear her tap shoes around the house. I was so lucky because I got 2 brand new pairs off of Craigslist for Free and they fit so well on both her feet even with her brace on. Free stuff is so awesome. Too bad I wasn't able to find her some ballet shoes on there. Guess I'm finally going to have to buy her some, that was suppose to be today's adventure before dance class was to go to the local dance boutique and plunk down a good chunk of money for some ballet shoes, ok so it was going to under $20 but if you know me, you know I love to find a bargain so paying full price takes the fun out of shopping.

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Unknown said...

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