Monday, January 14, 2008

It's a Freakin Cold Monday

The weekend went way to fast, it was so nice and warm most of the weekend and then you wake up today on Monday and it's freakin' freezing. No snow, just cold weather. My brother N left just a little while ago to take his GRE, please pray that he gets a good score. I was away from the computer most the weekend so that way N could use it to take the practice test and study. Otherwise I heard from K's Social Worker today, still haven't heard anything from our Foster Social Worker but K's SW was wondering if I was interested in an older child's adoption, a little girl who is 7 and being taken care of by her sick Grandma. I have to write her back and decline because I don't have a job right now and can barely take care of us. It breaks my heart that I have to do this because after seeing this little girls picture, she feels like she belongs with us. So please pray that they find her a family that can take care of her the way she deserves to be taken care of. Nothing new on the job front, I think I've sent out close to 200 resumes and have only heard back from about 2 different places, the one the lady called me back after setting up the interview and canceled saying she found the right person and the other one turned into a rip-off selling scheme. So I guess I'll ask you to say a few prayers that a new job turns up quickly because things are getting tough.
I have more to write about our weekend but it's time for lunch. I have to get on later and write my complaint about Portrait Innovations and how they treated K when we went to get her pictures taken.


Corey said...

Praying away...move to florida..join my firm :)

Kennethkqje said...

Praying away...move to florida..join my firm :)