Thursday, January 17, 2008

This and Thats

Well my internet connection has been up and down the past few days because of the weather. The wind has been so bad that it's knocked out the cable a few times, thus knocking our internet out. We've had a snow flurries but mostly bitterly cold weather and wind and just think, it's suppose to get even colder this weekend. I finally figured out how to add links on to the side of my blog, so I finally have our Ebay link listed. I also finally was able to list blogs & websites we visit often.

Otherwise back to last weekend and getting K's pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. These were very special pictures we were having taken, my Great-Grandma was taking care of the cost because we wanted a really unique picture of K in the hooded cape that K's Great-Great Grandma made (God rest her soul, she's now been gone for 21 years), so you can see why this cape is super special. So we also wanted to include other items, the baby quilt that Great-Grandma made, a porcelain doll from Grandma and of course K wanted Kitty Cat (K's favorite toy). We stress this several times before & during our session. So we show up for our appointment and of course K has her brace on. So the girl who was first chosen didn't want to take our pictures after seeing the brace. They send in another girl and she goes, is there any limitations, I say "No but she hates to lay on her stomach". Which K does hate laying her stomach plus she's got on a fancy vintage white dress and I don't want it getting dirty. So she sits K down in a beat-up rocking chair and goes in a plain mono-tone voice "will you smile for me?" "will you smile for the bear?". Ok, K is almost 2 and anyone who knows and has taken picture of kids that you have to perform most times or talk silly to get them to smile, especially in a studio environment. Then the Photographer looks at me and then my Mom and goes "There's something wrong with her right? Like she's not all there, Like she's not right in the head?" I was appalled at this point and plainly replied "NO, she just thinks your not right". Needless to say it flies right over this women's head. So my Mom and I knew the only way were going to get a decent picture was we were going to have to make K smile. So when all is said and done out of the 80 photos the women took, only 2 pictures contained all 3 important items, the cape, quilt & doll we wanted in them. The Photographer half the time cut them out of the picture and did head shots, which didn't even show the cape. I couldn't believe it out of 80 photo's we had 2 choices. Both my Mom and I agreed on the same picture, it wasn't the best smile but it was cute. Needless to say, we won't be going back there. I've already wrote a complaint letter to their corporate office because they really need some training on handling clients with differences.

Tomorrow my Mom and I are going to a job fair, we are going to take turns going in so that way someone is always with K. Hopefully something will turn up. My Birthday is coming up in 12 days (Jan 29th) but we are going out to celebrate on the 25th at America's Incredible Pizza Company, I'm so super excited!! Just think about it a giant Pizza, Pasta, Potato, Salad & Dessert Bar that is all you can eat, along with games, I can't wait!

I Love this picture, I took it today of K having Kitty Cat talk on the phone.

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Corey said...

I am so sorry you had this experience apparently tact is over rated?