Thursday, January 10, 2008

Speech Evaluation

Today was K's speech evaluation...did you know that for a child about to turn two, she should be saying over 200 words, be saying up to 3 syllable words and be talking in at least 4 word sentences? So of course you know that K isn't doing those things. I mean she's got probably around 50 words but they are really only 1 syllable and the most she talks is in 2 word sentences. They said it could be a number of things including poor nutrition at the beginning of her life that is causing the delay or the fact she was in an orphanage for 6 months with no stimulation or her illness that also causes her paralysis. I have to say that M, the speech pathologist was awesome and I'm so excited that she will be the one working with K. Now if I could only get that darn physical therapist replaced. We have our 6 month IESP or ISP meeting on the 23rd and I may inquire about when the PT is retiring and then suggesting getting a new PT because of that. I don't know I'm sort of chicken about getting the PT replaced, maybe I like the drama she causes in my life or I think also she could seriously flip out if I suggest replacing her. Oh the trials of my life. Otherwise I love this dress so I tried to get some pictures of K in it today, well she wasn't too cooperative even though I was making a complete fool out of myself trying to get her to smile. I got a lot of pictures of her showing her attitude, I wonder who she gets that from? I would like to say not me but the look on her face is so mine.


Shelby said...

This makes me wonder if I should have Miss B tested????? She isn't doing any of those things. She just started 2 syllable words. I guess I will ask her dr. what she thinks.

Corey said...

My pediatrician says luke is fine, and he says maybe 10 words... So Im freaking out!
I love your little hippie chick!