Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow, Depressed & Life

Well I've been in sort of a funk since my birthday...basically everyone except my Mom, Brother & Daughter forgot my birthday. No birthday cards, no phone calls, no nothing from any other family members, close friends or even blog friends (see my post below not even a single comment). I probably wouldn't have cared if anyone had commented or not on my blog to wish my Happy Birthday if family members and close friends would have remembered to wish me a Happy Birthday. So basically I'm feeling really unloved right now by people who I really love and I thought they felt the same.
Otherwise I spent the last 3 days babysitting my friends J & J's little girl. K had a ton of fun with her and it was a nice break in our usual routine. Still nothing on the job front and that's just as depressing, I'm a capable women with tons of experience and that gets you no where. What is worse it I just don't know what's going to happen, I've applied for some jobs in other states and so far haven't heard anything from those either. Maybe I'm just being over anxious, I mean seriously it's only been a little over a month since I lost my job and basically 2 weeks of that was during the holiday season. We also got about 10 inches of snow last night, we had so much fun playing outside in it today.

2/3/08 Edited to Add: That I missed Corey wishing me Happy Birthday on the Pizza Post!! Thanks Corey!! And I also got a birthday card and a phone call on Saturday from my Great-Great Aunt, who was confused on what day exactly my birthday was but at least she was close and remembered. More than I can say about the rest of my family and friends.


Shelby said...

OK Bad blogger friend here!! I'm sorry we all missed it. Being busy is no excuse. Still praying for news on the job front!
Did I read that right??? other states? how about down here!!!

Corey said...

ok i may be a bad blogger, but I said happy bday below the bday post on the oizza post... so I should get SOME credit