Saturday, February 9, 2008

So glad it's the weekend

Well I really am not feeling well, yesterday I decided to trip over a bag, hit my head on the bar chairs, ram myself into K's little tike car and finally I stopped when I ran into my Mom's tea cart. Needless to say I've got two huge bumps on my head, my back hurts, my knee is swelled and bruised and I'm 99% for sure I broke 2 toes (can't really tell since they are swelled up too). So thinking that it's the start of the weekend and start of a new week, it has to be better than last week!!!

The job interview went well and they said they would be contacting me within a week or so. I hope thats the truth. It's a consulting company so I won't stay in one job for very long, but they say they get lots of work and you should never be without a job for more than a few days.
Otherwise it was really cool getting to see the Hershey bars on the Today Show. Then on Monday, my Mom did some of the bars that are going to be shown on Good Morning America. I made K two appointments with Shriner's, they can't get us in till the beginning of March but that's not too far away. I'm looking forward more to the Neurologist appointment so I can at least ask him about the questionable seizures. K also has to get her hearing checked on the 20th. It was one of the things her Social Worker/Case Coordinator wanted her to have for them to continue her physical therapy services. I don't think there is anything wrong with her hearing but it's always better to be safe then sorry.

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