Monday, February 18, 2008

A New Week

Well last week was just crazy. As I have admitted before I'm not a spic-n-span type of house cleaner. My house is clean but cluttered, I still have more than half my boxes from moving here still packed, plus add on top of that being a pack rat, well it just spells disaster. So needless to say my Grandma C, the one who we had the miracle at Christmas time because she acted civil. Well she was coming to my house for the first time this past weekend to celebrate her birthday. So she's very judgemental so I really wanted my house to look uncluttered and super clean. So I busted my butt and got at least 99% of the downstairs cleaned and uncluttered. What did I do with the clutter, brought it upstairs, yep, I know, makes no sense at all. I have to say it went well but it really sort of messed with my brother because basically since my Grandpa died in '03, Grandma has told lies, said really mean, hurtful and nasty things and basically didn't hide the fact she hated us. And now all of a sudden she is all peaches and cream and being a normal human being and constantly said on Saturday how much she loves and misses us. I mean this is the same women who told us at a very young age, that we weren't her Grandchildren and never would be her Grandchildren because we didn't come from her daughter's womb and just my father's bastard children (by the way my Mom & Dad was married for 16 years before getting divorced and was married when both my brother and I was born) and that because we didn't come from her daughter's womb we only carried my Mother's dirty blood (we are 1/2 Native American and she hates that). But I was taught that family is family and that you forgive them for their faults even big ones like my Grandma has. My Brother on the other hand, well he doesn't have as tough as skin as I do. Since he was my little Brother, I tried to protect him at all costs from the dysfunctinality that is that side of the family, so when my Grandpa died and the whole family went crazy, well he wasn't totally prepared for it, whereas I pretty much knew and had said for the longest time that the battles that happened, would happen. So I'm feeling a little bad that I let our Grandma back into our lives at his point because I can handle whatever she throws at me and I can protect K from whatever happens. But I guess my baby Brother grew up and I can't protect him anymore. I just hope he doesn't get hurt from me allowing her back in our lives.

Otherwise we are getting ready for K's 2nd Birthday party this Saturday. We've got about 30 people who have RSVP'd but most of them are know for RSVPing and then not showing up. I worked on the chocolates today, I made homemade chocolate that's molded for her 1st birthday and I decided to make it a tradition. So some of the chocolate are just bites size pieces, while others are chocolate suckers and then I also make chocolate covered pretzel rods. Her birthday theme is Spring/Garden, so the plates and napkins have butterflies on them and then the molded chocolate bites and suckers are different kinds of bugs and then the pretzel rods are topped with chocolate carrots. I also am going to make a few chocolate rabbits to sit on the tables.

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Dawn Shelton said...

good luck with the party - the theme sounds lovely. I am also a clutter queen and have been known to "move" piles rather than divide and conquer! :)