Saturday, August 25, 2007

2nd Training Class - August 23, 2007

Well tonight we had our 2nd training class. It went better than last week. Every week we have alot of homework, both reading and questions, you are suppose to turn in your homework on time every week. I was amazed at how many people didn't do their homework. I mean I know we all have busy lives, but this is part of the commitment you made when you decided to take this training. I mean I did my reading while my daughter, K was sitting on my lap....ok, she was crawling all over me because I wasn't giving her 100% of my attention. But I got everything done. It frustrates me that the other people in our class don't take this seriously and just look at it as a way to get money.

The other thing that bugged me tonight was that they kept pushing the fact that you should invite your Foster Child's family into your house, that you should go out of your way to pick them up to go to the Foster Child's doctor's appointments or that if they need a ride to drug rehabilitation that you should take them to that. I'm sorry I'm not going to spend my money in catering to the Birth Mom/Dad/Whoever. This about the Child, yes, I will take my Foster Child to visits and yes we can meet in a neutral place but I have a child of my own to think about. How many times has it been reported that a Birth Family came to the Foster Parent's house and kidnapped the Child?? Too Many Times plus alot of those times they also harmed the Foster Parents. So I will stress again to my Social Worker that we will happily have visits in a neutral place.....far away from my home!

My Favorite Quote of the Night was by one of the DCFS Trainers "We are not in the business of keeping the child safe....we are in the business of keeping the family together no matter what has happened." Well that explains alot, that explains why so many children are returned to their parents and later killed. I'm not saying that children should not be with their parents, what I'm saying is if it's an unsafe situation, why leave the child there where some harm could come to them? I really have to say this training has really opened my eyes, I knew there were problems but now I truly understand that the system needs a major overhaul. There needs to be a big change because all we are doing is failing these children, not only with the system but as a society because we allow a system like this to exist.

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