Friday, August 24, 2007

August 16, 2007 - Foster Adopt Pride Training classes

Today we attended our first training class in becoming Foster Parents. When I say "we", I mean my Mother and I. I think these training classes can provide a lot of good information...but instead they had to spend over an hour explaining what a Tab means. Ugh, how can a person that is in this class not know that a Tab is for separating chapters? Or what a chapter is? When I look around the room, you get a real feeling about who is really there for the children and also who is there for money. I couldn't believe some of the comments these future Foster parents were saying. I mean they sat there bashing children who are having a sexual identity crisis's, about how they wouldn't want that Insert various racial slurs in their house. I was appalled and even more appalled that the DCFS trainers either #1 didn't throw those people out of class or #2 didn't tell them that their comments were in appropriate. I have many family members that are gay, even my oldest and dearest friend is gay and I see nothing wrong with their lifestyles. Most of them have been in a longer lasting, stronger relationship then most heterosexual couples. And I know that a lot of people won't like me because I don't see any problems with living your life as you wish. I sat there the rest of the evening super quiet. The trainers kept saying how they are sending reports back to our Social Workers on the comments we make, well I really wish they would have noted the Racial Slurs coming from a few of the Future Foster Parents or even the ones who said they were only in it for the money, so they wanted teenagers because then they didn't have to take care of them. Now how is this trying to help the child?

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