Friday, August 24, 2007

My 1st Post

I wanted to start this blog as a means to document becoming a Foster Parent. I hope that this will open up the doors to other families that may want to explore this as an option in their lives. I am Single, 31, and a Mom to one wonderful little girl, K. I adopted her from overseas when she was 6 mos old, we are now waiting on her little sister. I also want to use this blog to discuss adoption and anything else that I feel like talking about. I hope you join along in my new journey.....

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Cindy said...

I applaud your bravery and open heart to start a foster child program. I know for sure I could never do that mainly because I would not want that child to go back to the horror's at home. Good luck and I can't wait to follow this path in your lives.

LID 1/26/06 for our first child