Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What a Day

Well K hasn't been feeling good the last few days...I thinking it's her teeth but not really sure. All I know is that basically all she does all night long is cry. Which in turn keeps me awake because I'm comforting her, so I'm exhausted and not the I'm just tired exhausted but they I can't keep my eyes open, I can't even walk because I'm so tired, I'm a danger to myself because I'm so tired type of exhaustion. This is Day 3 of little to no sleep. So I called off work this morning...actually I missed all 3 days this week.

Then later this afternoon I get a call from my supervisor and says I'm sorry but your FIRED because you have missed 4 days in the last 15 work days. Ok...let me back track for a minute, I gave my notice last Wednesday that my last day was September 7th. I had found a better job working for Hershey that pays more and my current boss refused to give us a raise so why should I stay....the job I was at was a sh*t job anyway and for all the work we did, we were only getting paid 10 cents above minimum wage...why did I stay there at DNOA because at least I was working while I looked for a better job because I didn't get unemployment from losing my last job. And getting something is better than not getting anything. So when I gave him my notice he was pissed beyond belief that I was leaving because I'm one of his top productive people. I told him I would stay if he would match what my new job is paying me. He said sorry can't give you a raise, so I said sorry I'm not staying. I'm happy that I'm no longer there but in the same fact a little ticked off because I know other workers that have missed way more than I did in a 15 work day period and he did nothing to them. So I've got off until September 7th and I'll get to spend my time with K, sleep in as late as she will let me and maybe even take her to the zoo or something.

So here is to being unemployed...even if it's only for 11 days!

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