Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Physical Therapy Rant

My Daughter, K, was suppose to be non-special needs, but the day I meet her, I knew there were problems. Her problems are physical and so she requires Physical Therapy. I set up PT through the school district and what is nice is they come out to my house for the sessions. I'm usually not there for the sessions but Grandma is and if not her, K's Uncle is. So the PT saw K with her Uncle & his Girlfriend. Every week the PT writes out a report what she did, how the session went. Well she had been complaining for weeks now that I needed to take her back to Shriner's hospital and have them give her a proper pair of shoes, and so I did. Well now the PT in her report is complaining because the shoes are heavy??? Well Ms. PT, you were the ones who said she needed shoes from there, you should have known what their shoes were like since I didn't even know they provided them. I swear I can't please Ms. PT no matter what I do. UGGGGHHH!!!

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