Thursday, September 6, 2007

4 th Training Session - September 6, 2007

Well tonight's class was suppose to be about loss. Like the loss a child will have when coming into a foster home, loss of birth family, school, friends, etc. Instead it turned into a pissing contest of who had the worst childhood and the most loss. UGH!! The people in my class are driving me nuts. We basically learned nothing and our 3 hours of classroom time was a waste because of this debate. The good side to all this was I got my homework done for this week's class, so one less thing to worry about. My Grandparent's watched K tonight since my regular babysitter (my brother, N) went for a weekend in Chicago. So when I got home, I got a full report on the whole night. Including how they gave her a brownie and some peaches, along with her evening snack. Guess that's what Great-Grandparent's are suppose to do, spoil their great-granddaughter.


Shelby said...

UH What a waste of training time. Figures.. But on a positive note it gave K some special time with her great grandparents..

Mom said...

It was pretty funny because my Mom was like you should speak up...I bet you would win....that's really sort of sad isn't it :)

Feeby Neko said...

Goodness. You'd figure they'd be more intent for the sake of the kids they'll be taking in. It's a shame when people turn things around and try to be the center of atention. It's good you realize what a waste it was. I wish you mush luck with all your training. I'm an ex foster child many times over, back in and out till 18. I think it's just absolutely wonderful doing adoption and fister care. There are just so many kids out there who just want families. God/dess bless you!