Thursday, September 6, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Well I had really hoped to post before now but I'm still recovering from the holiday weekend. I was all ready to get into a rant about my family and all their problems and how they just drive me crazy but instead I'll just hit on a few highlights. Like my Cousin M's little boy, J is just a great big bully!! All my daughter K wanted to do was share with him and every time she would share, he would grab the toy and keep it away from her. Then she was sitting in her little tikes car and J came over and grabbed her hair and physically pulled her out of the car because he wanted to play in it. Did his Mom do anything...nope. I was furious but I wasn't going to discipline him at all because then I would have been made out as the big meany who doesn't like J. Instead I picked up K and we went outside away from J and M. Otherwise my Grandparents are staying all week with us, it hasn't been that bad but last night I was washing dishes and couldn't figure out where this rotten smell was coming from and then I noticed those little annoying nats flying around their cooler. Even though I have 4 refrigerators and 2 of them are basically empty. She didn't put up her food in any of them, so instead it was all spoiled, she had a whole package of chicken, bacon, rotten tomatoes, it was disgusting!! So I cleaned out the cooler and then set it outside in hopes the rain would clean it out the rest of the way. It's just frustrating that they did that. Otherwise we went apple picking, it was alot of fun but super hot. K tried her best to pick apples but they were even hard for me to pull off the tree. So that's my weekend in a nutshell. There's alot more but I don't want to bore you with the inner workings of my messed up family.

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