Friday, September 7, 2007

Wiggly Toes

K wiggled her toes today!! Why is this so exciting? Because it was on her right foot and since the day I meet her, her toes were always curled under and never moved. And today we were sitting on the bed getting ready to head to Shriner's and she wiggled them back and forth! What was even funnier was she actually surprised herself that she did it. Because at first I wasn't paying attention and she made a little "hmm" sound and that's when I looked and saw those amazing little toes move.
Otherwise, I wasn't sure I was going to write about his but I guess I just need to talk. Today K's great-grandparents headed home. We went out to breakfast this morning with them and then I strapped K in her carseat. Grandma hugged me and then said "Ok, K, Great-Gram is going Bye,Bye". Well needless to say at first K wouldn't give her a kiss good-bye, then she finally did. And then K started crying, so I told Great-Gram just to go and not drag it out because she was making it worse. Well Great-Gram gets in her car and we pull out. Well then K starts this most heart wrenching, mournful crying. K and I have been a family for over a year now and I have never heard this cry. Then in the middle of the sobbing, she would say "no gram". I knew I couldn't pull over because I knew if I got her out of the carseat I was never going to get her back in. So I drove home all the way talking, singing, trying to do anything I could to try and get her concentrated on my voice. We finally made it home and the minute I got her out of the carseat, she had a death grip on me. I spent the next hour just holding her tightly and reassuring her that I wasn't leaving her. She did let me put her back in the carseat so we could go to Shriner's but once there I couldn't sat her on the table or anything without crying. The rest of the day, I couldn't be out of her eyesight. Even once her Grandma (my mom) got home, if I left the room, she had to go with me. I'm expecting it's going to be a rough night because of this and I guess we will end up co-sleeping if that's the case. Otherwise I'm still perplexed over the mournful crying, I mean she was only 6 mos when I adopted her. I knew there could be abandonment issues but didn't think they would creep up like this. It was almost like even though we have a great, strong attachment that we totally destroyed it today with them leaving. It wasn't like they were her main caregivers, they were here for a visit and the most time they spent with her was last night. I have read all the books on attachment and attachment websites, etc but there was nothing like this in there that I can remember. What is happening to my baby?


SARA said...

Yay, K!!!!!

*wiggle* *wiggle*

Feeby Neko said...

Aww, that's so wonderful to hear about the toes. Congratulations to both of you!

Roxanne Cranston said...

Yay, K!!!!! *wiggle* *wiggle*