Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Rough Day

I first off want to Thank Spirit for her sweet comment. I really hope that I do a good job as a foster parent and if I don't....I hope you all will tell me if I do screw up! I had a few friends in high school that were foster children and I saw how each one of the families they stayed with treated them like a paycheck. It made me sick. What was worse was one of my friends, L was available for adoption and she was staying with a foster family that wanted to adopt her. Well as soon as they put in there petition to adopt her, the social worker yanked her out of that house and put her into the Foster Home of Horrors. I was only in that house once and it was for L's birthday but I never wanted to go back. I felt so bad that she had to live there. They had 12 other foster children and 3 children of their own and these people were just down right scary. She wasn't allowed to use the phone in that house and was in a different school system, so I lost track of her but I still think about her and I hope she's happy. I vowed that when I started this journey that I wouldn't be like those Foster Families.

Otherwise today was a rough day, K had an appointment at Shriner's. We woke up late so I didn't get on the road when I wanted too. Right before we left, I heard on the news there was a manhunt for a Murder from Georgia, seems he killed 4 people on Monday and was asleep in his truck in the gas station less than a mile from my house. He shot at Police and ran off. So of course when we head out to the car, I'm hypervigiliant making sure he isn't lurking behind some place and kidnap or kill us. So we make it to the car ok. But what the news failed to mention was that they had shut down every major highway headed into STL from my town. So I had to drive almost a 1/2 hr out of my way on backroads just to be able to hit the highway to head to STL. So of course I'm already late, and add another 1/2 hour being late and we arrived at our appointment right on time, actually we arrived 2 minutes before 830am. They called us back pretty quickly, which is always the case, you never sit in the waiting room. Well to cut the story short, the doctor K was suppose to see was called away to the Governor's Board Conference that was being held at the hospital today, so we had to wait until she was done speaking before she got to even see K. K basically cried the entire time we were there, which was from 835am till 2pm. I don't blame her, like I wouldn't cry with all these strangers grabbing at my foot, poking and prodding. The thing that pissed me off the most was we were about to leave and the RN goes and tries weighing K and of course K is still flipping out and won't sit still. So we had to head to the shop because they are doing a new type of brace for K and the RN turns towards me and K and goes says in a really nasty loud voice "can't you shut-up". Needless to say I flipped out on her. This is a baby you are yelling at who is tramutized and like you are making the situation any better. I should have reported her right then and there but I just wanted to hurry up, I know K was tired and hungry and I was just ready to go. I don't understand why we can never have an appointment at Shriner's that's just quick in and out. Why do they have to drag it out? Otherwise they ordered a spinal MRI to be done at Children's Hospital which I know a few of you out there know my feelings on them but they are the only Hospital in the area that does them, so we are forced to go back there. They are also going to do the Nerve Conduction study there too. We are trying to get them scheduled on the same day so they only have to knock her out once to have the procedures done. So WHOOHOO know I get to deal with the Children Hospital Idiots!!

Which you'll just laugh because Children's Hospital called me tonight in the middle of dinner and wanted to verfiy some information...of course it was address, name, birthdate, all the general stuff but again they don't have it noted I'm single, she was adopted and there is no father medical history and why isn't there a complete mother medical history when I'm talking to you on the phone...DUH! She's adopted. Then she goes well this is for her MRI and I go she's also having the Nerve Conduction Study and she goes. Oh, I guess we lost that paperwork. In a matter of minutes or hours you lose the paperwork. Oh this is going to be just as fun as the brain MRI.




Feeby Neko said...

;) I'll be happy to let you know but to be honest I think you'll do great. If your friend was a teen at the time I wouldn't be very surprised that the social worker did that. With the pay system for most foster parents being based on the level of difficulty with the child preteen and teenage girls and special needs children go through a pretty rough process of adoption. They tend to get passed around and lost in the system because they bring in the most money. On the other hand though, by the time any girl reached the age of ten her chances for adoption are cut down to 50% and by the time of 12 to 30%. Boys are rarely adopted out of fostercare after the age of six. It's a sad and vicious circle. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who's seen it happen though.
I was very lucky in my last foster home, well not quite. I was lucky to make friends 'while' I was in that foster home. After certain hazardous cercumstances they petitioned for emergency guardianship of me. I don't know what would have happened had I been moved to another home. It seems as though they get worse on down the line but never fear! There really are good homes out there and other people just like you who want to do good and who are there for the child instead of vice versa.

Goodness what a horrid sounding RN! Good luck at the children's hospital and the MRI's for K. I'va had a spinal done before, it wasn't too bad but then again I was a teen at the time and your poor wee one is still a tot. I wish you patience and an anti-stress shield for both you and K.

SARA said...

oh I am so sorry you have to go back to that horrid place.
Hopefully though you will get some answers for K's sake!!!
good luck!