Sunday, September 9, 2007

New Job Jitters

Well tomorrow I start my new job, too bad I never found that magic wand or won the lottery. Not sure why I'm so nervous. Maybe because I'll be working in the same department as my Mom? Or that I have already heard her horror stories about the place and people? I'm trying to go in with an open mind but it's hard to do since I basically have made up my mind about the people from the stories. But at least I start with 9 other new people and at least I've got a little heads-up. I know who to watch out for and how this is the managers first time managing people. Goodness this is gonna be a long night especially since K is still having some anxiety. Friday night it was horriable and last night it was a little better but both nights she was in my bed. So hopefully tonight maybe she'll sleep in the pack n play next to my bed. That way she is still close but not hogging my bed. Otherwise wish me luck!

Oh and for you who are curious where my new job is.....Just take a guess

That's right, I'm working for Hershey, how awesome is that!

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