Saturday, September 15, 2007

5th Training Session and Other Random Stuff

Well of course Thursday we had our 5th Training session. To tell you the honest truth it was suppose to be about keeping connections for the children and instead turned into a free for all. But the little we did learn was interesting but was common sense kind of stuff..which obviously alot of people in my class don't have. I mean if a child was on a ball team, I would try my best to keep that child in that sport, even if it meant driving a 1/2 hr or 45 min. As long as it's something the child would still want to do and ok with the Social worker, otherwise I would go out of my way to let them join a team around here. The thing is you should put the child's needs first and not look at them as a monthly stipend like alot of people in my class see them. I read a blog the other day from a former foster child and he said too many people go into foster parenting because they want to "save a child". And because I am me, I had never even thought of it that way, the same with K's adoption, I meet so many people who wanted to save the children from the heathen society. I can tell you that we have more monsters here and just because they don't believe in what you believe in or they are parented differently doesn't mean that there way is wrong. It just means that we are all different, just as the universes had planned. Ok so off my soap box...I still have my homework to do which is to create a ecomap. Basically you draw yourself and the people you live in a circle and then put around all your groups, friends, work, etc. That way you can see if you ended up getting taken away from all of it how much you would really lose. We did it in class and after we all moved away, got mad at the person and stopped speaking or died, it was a really awful feeling because that person was up there all alone.

Otherwise sorry to all who was grossed out about the girl with the hairy underarms and chocolate. The funny thing was is that both her and her friend was only wearing tank tops on Friday, I about died. Otherwise they had overtime today at work, so my Mom went in instead of me, we no longer have a babysitter on Saturday & Sunday so I got to stay at home with my girl. My Mom and I decided to rotate overtime on the weekends, it just makes sense. We had fun today, we spent time changing out her clothes from summer wear to fall/winter wear since it's starting to get a little colder. Basically that meant I totally wrecked both our rooms with clothes all over the place. I mean she wears 6-9 mos clothes, but can wear some 12 and 18 mos because they are made small, so basically I have to drag out all 3 tubs of clothes and hold them up and see if they could, would, maybe fit her for the season. And then I can't pack away the summer clothes yet because it still getting warm during the day. UGGHHH!!! I usually enjoy doing this because I get to see all the clothes that I bought on clearance, yard sales or the resale shop but this season it just really feels like a chore. Then this afternoon, we had an unplanned playdate with J and her daughter S who was also adopted from VN. Luckily she gave me about an hour to at least sweep the floors and do the dishes before she came over. I mean they are great people and K & S love to play with each other BUT...yes there is always a but, she is a minimalist plus everything has its place. And me....well I'm a pack rat, plus I'm combing my house with my Mom's, add in K's stuff, plus we had N move home after graduating with all his stuff and I have no room left. Heck, I have N's couch in my entry way along with a whole bunch of rubbermaid containers from my Mom's house. So I know that when she comes over she passes judgement on me, I know she thinks I'm a messy house cleaner I mean my kitchen counters are flat filing cabinets. But honestly I would rather play with my daughter than clean, she's growing up so fast and you can't ever get this time back so who cares if your dishes are dirty and you have dust bunnies. Well I'm off to bed and I hope you all had a good day!

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Feeby Neko said...

I'm glad you're not doing it for the money. There need to be more people out there like you. I'd been through 14 total foster homes. Several of them wonted to convert me to one religion or another and I can't actually think of one where the thought of money came before the thought of the child. I also think it's really great you would help your foster children stay in a sport. Our case workers never had a problem with that but our care takers often told us we couldn't because it would cost gas money or take time away from them. Often it was put less bluntly than that but you get what I mean.
I think you're going to make a wonderful foster mom, not just a care taker but an actual mom to those you take in and help. I wish you much luck and patience with your classes and whatever else the universe might throw your way. God/dess Bless!