Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blood Tests and the 8th Training Class

Well this morning, K and I took Grandma to work so that way we could have the car and finally go and get the blood tests done we need to get done. We arrived shortly after 645am, the lab use to open at 6am but changed there hours. Well needless to say they didn't open at the time the door said either which was 7am. They did finally show up at 730am, we were one of the first people in but we didn't have an appointment so we got pushed to the bottom of the list, we waited almost an hour before we got called back. They did my blood draw first and we had no problems. Then came K's. Well of course I have said how my daughter has super human strength for being such a little bit of nothing but the lady taken the blood had to call the other women in. So I'm holding K still while they just hold her arm. Needless to say, we walked out of there at 1230pm, with 6 needles sticks, bruises on her arms that look like fingers because they were holding her arm so tight and no blood drawn, they told us to come back in the afternoon after she ate and drank. So I took K home and feed her lots of food and had her drink a ton. We then went and picked up Grandma from work and headed to the lab. Of course we had to wait another 45 minutes before they called us back but after 2 failed sticks, they called the head honcho in the processing lab and he said that they could do a finger stick but had to fill 10 mini-viles worth of blood. Needless to say at least that worked and after 38 minutes and 2 finger sticks, we were finally headed home. K was so pitiful with her finger and arm wrapped up and all the bruises.

Then tonight was our 2nd to last Training class, I have to say I'm pretty excited next week is our final one. Because then I won't have to listen to the snickering, whispers, racists comments and all those other fun things my class does. Today when we got there, I will call this girl the "ring leader" was sitting in our seats. It's not that we have assigned seats but everyone has been sitting in the same seats for the last 7 weeks. Well basically the whole table was full except for the end which my Mom wouldn't be able to twist around to see the trainers. So yes, we did the unthinkable and took the married couples seats across the room (GASP!). So they came in and was giving us nasty looks and stuff. Well luckily the Trainers brought up the fact to them, that someone took our seats, so we had to change what we were comfortable with. Which lead into what the topic was tonight "CHANGE". Of course that tabled acted like fools because the married couple sat with them and unfortunately, these people are probably good people but they come off as rich snobs who think they are above all of us in class. So of course the "ring leader" was saying one mean comment after another and it continued the whole night, along with her usual interruptions of the Trainers too. The looks the Wife made were unbelievable, at times I couldn't help but chuckle because now they know what we have been going through for the last 7 weeks with the Table and the "Ring Leader".
The topic tonight of change was interesting because it was more on bringing the foster child into your home and them leaving the home. Which we have always talked about how that will be the hardest part is them leaving. I have to say the covered children imagining things, a imaginary friend, or that my Millionaire Daddy is coming to get me tomorrow, we always had plenty of food to eat, etc. I guess I had thought about it but never really deeply thought about them having imaginations like that. They also talked about allegations against Foster Parents and how the investigation is accomplished. That actually scared alot of people in our class and alot of them stood there talking about maybe Foster Parenting isn't right for them because of the possible investigation. Which makes you wonder is a just a nerve thing or are they scared they could loose control someday and hit the child or worse? They also talked about changing our daily lives to accommodate another child, with me already having K, not that much would change except maybe getting up earlier or stay up later to get the things done I need to get done. Which is the exact same thing I do now.

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