Friday, October 19, 2007

K's New Improved Brace

On Thursday, Oct 11, we headed over to Shriner's to pick up K's new brace. Shriner's said this is the first time in almost 20 years that they made a brace like this. They said most Doctor's don't like using metal anymore but because K's condition is a little different then most (when we saw the neurologist she says only about 100 people in the USA have it) that sometimes it calls for a little creativity. This brace buckles twice, ties and velcro, it's difficult to put on and nothing like her plastic brace she had before. Of course the minute we walked into the fitting room, K started crying. We got her shoes off and they put her new brace on her. I really wanted to see how K would walk in it but instead when I put her on the floor she crumpled into a sobbing mess. I tried everything to get her to walk, I carried her to the cafeteria so I could buy her ice cream, no go. I took her down the hall to see the dog but she could have cared less. I even took her to the 2nd floor to see if the change of scenery would help but there was no way, no how she was going to walk. Thank goodness they weren't going to make us stay until she would walk in it. They took it off and checked for hot spots and then they let me put it back on. Of course K was fussing so the Shop Guy started showing her pictures of his kids, she sat there with great interest and he got a real kick out of that. We were over an hour late picking Grandma up from work but there was nothing I could do about it. We got stuck in rush hour traffic and then construction traffic so it took us forever to get home.

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