Thursday, October 18, 2007

Horriable, Worst and Better

I want to Thank everyone for the sweet comments. I was still pissed off when I went to work on Monday. But after being around my co-workers for awhile I was feeling better, I really truly believe that being around chocolate makes you crazy, I mean think about it, I breathe chocolate all day long, so it's gotta do something to ya. But my day just had to be ruined when my boss put me in charge of melting the chocolate. Ok, this isn't a big deal but they don't do it right. Anyone who has worked with Wilton wafers for years (which I have) or even someone that has a half a brain knows that you are suppose to melt them by defrosting them, that way they don't burn. Well not at my work, they cook them. I brought this up once to the boss and she went ballistic, total b*tch. So of course I had to follow their directions. Well of course what happens, I burn the chocolate, not once, not twice but three times. And I get this freakin' lecture from the boss. It's not my fault because I was following your directions and did it exactly as M & D told me to do it. So I came home in a grumble mood. I tried K's Halloween costume on her again and she tolerated it a little longer than last time, so that was good.

So on Tuesday, my boss pulls me outside, which in most cases isn't a good thing but actually it was good. She is finally allowing me to move to the afternoon shift which is what I asked for when I was being interviewed for the position. I'm super excited, I'll still get to spend my days with K and then take her to work with me, where then Grandma will get off work and then take her home to watch her in the evenings. Still wish I could get that midnight shift but this is at least better. I'll only be missing about 5 hours with her before heading to bed, opposed to 9 1/2 hours that she is up during the day (minus her nap).

Then there was yesterday, well that morning my boss decided to make a huge announcement that today was my last morning that affective next week that I'm on afternoons. Well needless to say my co-workers, who I'm really close to were all upset. They each hugged me and just kept telling me how much they will miss me. It tore me apart but they understood that I needed to work everyday opposed to the 3 days I was getting. Then that afternoon, one of the girls, L was complaining to the boss because people aren't cleaning the equipment properly. I just happened to be standing there when the boss looks at me and goes, guess what H, you get to give a cleaning seminar this afternoon. You should have seen the look of panic and anger on my face. Finally it was time to give my speech, which I again didn't want to give. I thought I was only giving it to the new people, instead she made me address the whole room, including the senior people. I felt like a total idiot and of course all the senior people were pissed at me. I told them all that this wasn't my idea and I was volunteered to do it. What sucks is that the Boss hates my Mom and so she takes it out on me. Our boss has never managed people ever, she was a clerk at her previous job and her lack of experience really shows, she lets so much crap going on that should go on.

So that brings us to today, things are much better...could it be that I'm away from work? I'm trying to do some major house cleaning but have no motivation at all. Did get some laundry done and some winter clothes dug out and hung up. I have almost found my bed which has been covered in miscellaneous crap for at least the last three months. I also found my box of Christmas presents for this year, I buy stuff when I find it on sale or clearance and then try and keep it all together so that way it isn't a great big hit to the budget come Christmas because of course my family is huge and of course they all expect a present even if it is something small. Well we are planning on going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow as long as the weather stays good, so we are excited about that. I'm trying to catch up on my posts because I still have to talk about my last Foster Class, my Bosses birthday party and K's new brace.

Here is K in her Halloween Costume, she is going to be a Circus Lion, I already have taught her how to jump through a hoop. Too bad I'll have to work on Halloween so Grandma & Uncle N are taking her Trick or Treating. At least I'll be able to take her to Boo at the Zoo.

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Shelby said...

That is the cutest lion I have ever seen!!!