Tuesday, October 9, 2007

K's Tests are Scheduled!!

After 6+ weeks of arguing between me, Shriner's & Children's Hospital, K's tests are finally scheduled. She will have her Spinal MRI on October 25th and her Nerve Conduction Study on October 30th. I still have no idea what time they are scheduled for but at least we have dates! I would assume they are early in the morning since she has to be sedated for them. I'm just so relieved after all the stress I have been through the last few weeks with them and their incompetence. I just hope we are treated more like people than we were last time. I hate to see my daughter suffer and as many of you know, they acted like incompetent fools with her. I'm just so happy tomorrow is my last work day, not that I'm looking forward to Thursday since I've got a doctor's appt and K has an appt with the Shop in Shriner's for her new and hopefully improved brace. Then Friday, I got permission to take K to my work because we are celebrating my bosses birthday with a luncheon. Our plans for Saturday is to go to a super huge baby yard sale, where over 200 families set up and sale there stuff. It's a great place to find stuff that is still brand new and never used and cheap. I wanted to share these pictures with you, the sky was just so gorgeous the other day that I really wanted to try and catch it's beauty on film.


Shelby said...
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Shelby said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I hope they have their act together this time for K. I'm sure that they do not want me to fly out there to straighten them out on how they should be treating that precious child and her family.