Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why is it....

that some people think they just know better? That they think that there way is the only right way. That is what happened tonight. I innocently called my Aunt earlier in the evening to find out if she was going to be at work this week so I could send her Grandson a package (this is the same kid who is just a big bully to K). My Aunt, who is also my Godmother and until the last few years someone who I was really close to, called me back around 10pm tonight. Our casual conversation turned UGLY when I couldn't make it to Fort Massac this weekend. I then turned into the evil person who wouldn't bring K down to play with her Grandson, J. Well, I have other plans and honestly I would only go down there if my Uncle was going to be there and at this time he isn't going to be. I told my Aunt that I had to work, which could be the truth since it seems like I may get an afternoon shift plus I had already committed myself to a church function. Well, then she points out "my Daughter, M is coming down after she gets done working" Ok, well let me point out something, M doesn't work a normal job. She occasionally makes bridal bouquets and that is what she is doing that weekend, well actually she just has to drop them off to the brides. So how does this compare to my situation....I have no idea, If I work I have to put in a full 8 hour + day on my feet. She then asked me if I would ask off and I said innocently that no I can't ask off because I have taken off to many days already this month with K's appointments and have to take off the 25th & 30th too. Then this is when I am told by my wonderful Aunt that there is nothing wrong with K, that I'm the stupid one that has been taking her to greedy, money hungry doctors and all K every really needed was a good chiropractor. Um, excuse me, she has no feeling in her foot. She then goes on to say, I'm just doing a bad job parenting her and not stimulating her enough. She told me that I could easily give her a back adjustment by hanging her upside down by her feet and then she would be cured. WHAT THE HELL!!! Needless to say the conversation went even further down hill from there, that basically I'm a bad parent for putting her through these tests and if it was her kid she wouldn't let them touch her. I tried to justify myself, which I don't even know why I tried because she didn't care because her way is the only right way. I got off the phone so angry and so upset. Heck I'm sitting her crying writing this. I mean who gives her the right to question my parenting skills? Who gives her the right to diagnose my daughter, I mean it's not like she is some MD or something, all she is someone who believes that a chiropractor can fix everything, from sinus infections to cancer. What frustrates me the most is she acts like I'm making all this up and that I'm putting my daughter through hell just to get attention. If I really wanted to get attention, then I would call her up and actually tell her about these tests, or her new brace or even when she gets a cold. My Cousin, M (her daughter) does that all the time, "Oh poor J has a cold/cough/etc". Instead I don't tell them because it leads to conversations like this one, where I get off the phone feeling like a failure and will spend the rest of the night and tomorrow beating myself up over all this, because someone who I dearly loved all my life and thought I truly understood them, treats me like shit.


Shelby said...

OH MY!! No one but you really knows your child. Please don't let her ruin your whole night and day. Like you said -- some people think they know it all.

Cindy said...

You're K's mom and you and only you know what's best for her. K loves you not your Aunt. (In the mom way I mean). Please don't beat yourself up over this, it's not worth it. You are a damned good mother and nothing less honey!


Corey said...

What were you thinking taking to her MD's, how could you care about your child, shame on you!
Give me Auntie's address and Ill kick her butt