Monday, October 29, 2007

Yucky Powder

Ok, so not the greatest title but I just looked down at my hands and I've got caked on powder all over them from the gloves I have to wear at work. The sad thing, I even washed my hands before leaving, so not sure why it's still there.

Otherwise it's been a crazy last week. K had her MRI at Children's last Thursday. Amazingly it went really well so no one has to fly up here and help me set them straight. We have her EMG tomorrow and I am really hoping it goes just as well!!

Over the weekend we were super busy. On Saturday, we went to Trick or Treat at the Zoo and on Main Street in our town and then we headed to our friend, S's birthday party. We had such a blast. K loved getting to see all the Big Cats, I really think that was the highlight of the whole day.

Also on Friday night, our 2nd car broke down and we had a choice either get it fixed or get a new car. Hmm, of course getting the car fixed was the cheaper option even though it was a $2500.00 option. So luckily they let us pay some now, and then some later, so the car is fixed and I no longer have to be taxi girl in the morning running my Mom and N to work.

Well I need to head to bed, we have to be up and at the hospital at 6am.

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Shelby said...

While I am thrilled that things went well I am kind of bummed I don't get to fly up there and ......