Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Ok, so I am so screwed up since Monday was a holiday. So to answer Farrah's question about Fostering. Well the Social worker was suppose to call us the week of Mother's Day to come out for our last home visit. Not sure why she needs to do this since we are already licensed and just waiting for placement. Well of course she hasn't called. I have left 3 messages but to no avail, she hasn't returned them. I do have her supervisors phone number but I haven't pushed the issue since it's been so crazy around here with losing my job and all.
As for the job front, I am 99% for sure that I have a new job working for the Water Company, the hours and days suck and it's 45 minutes away but hey it's work and should be stable work, I mean everyone needs water right but heck I said that about the bank! Basically I walked into the interview today and they offered it to me within the first 30 seconds but I have a few tests to take before I can officially accept it, which that shouldn't be any problem at all, at least I hope. Plus it's at least work and I can always quit if I get offered something better, closer to home.
I did make K, bento for lunch today. I made a man out of noodles, then placed a slice of cheese on top with bacon eyes and a bbq sauce smile and some pineapple on the side. K loved it and devoured every bit of it. Also I don't think my octopus was that scary, Auntie Corey. I mean he did look a little pissed off but hey that's how Mommy was feeling at the time :) Maybe I need to make one and send it to Crappy Adoption Agency for you, maybe they would be scared of him! So here are today's pictures and some from Memorial Day, K is wearing the dress Auntie Corey gave her way before she even came home from Vietnam, it's a size 6 months but fits her perfectly.

Memorial Day with Kitty

It rained almost all day on Memorial Day but we were able to be outside for a short time.

K's Bento Lunch Today

K eating pineapple

I got a package from my friend Anik who is Logged In the same month us me for China, she sent us some awesome bibs for my little C. They have some of the cutest things in Canada.

K wanted to try one on, she loves to tell everyone that these were for her sista, C

K playing with her Amazing Animal farm. It was so cold today that I had to put a sweatsuit on K. I have packed away almost all our warmer clothes because I really can't believe it's in the 40's in May here and tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 80's. What Crazy weather!

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Corey said...

Ok this guy is way better looking...
I can hook you up with a great job in FL!
Hey I just got david Luke Spudwalker! You still need to visit :)