Friday, May 30, 2008


Well we spent today running errands, lots of fun when gas is $4.19 a gallon around here. Went and took my drug test today for the water company job and I start there on Wednesday. Downside to this job is that UN's girlfriend's Mom works in the customer service center in the same office as I will. Thank goodness I will be in customer protection so I won't be working with her just in the same room, which is bad enough. I have issues with UN's girlfriend's Mom because she has said some really, really stupid things and even stupid things about UN which of course pisses me off because you don't pick on my baby brother. So I will grin and bear it because at least it means a paycheck while Mom and I gather our thoughts on our next moves. We are getting hit by a really, really bad storm right now with lots of tornado sitings but hey instead I'm sitting her blogging, how messed up is that. Thank goodness I loaded the pictures before hand because the tornado siren just went off, gotta go and take cover!

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