Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Morning brought to you by Kitty Cat

While K was running around pushing laundry carts all over the place,
Kitty Cat sat in fear of being ate by a rat larger than him

So since Kitty Cat was scared and K had abandoned him, I asked if he wanted to help me. He jumped at the chance. Here he is holding the detergent for me. Do you see the Out of Order sign on the washer? Yep 90% of the washers were broken.
Here Kitty Cat is helping me put money in the machine

Kitty Cat's favorite thing was pressing the setting for the washer. Who can blame him we all love to press buttons. While we waited for the clothes to wash, we enjoyed a little breakfast. As you can see K also lost her shoe and Kitty Cat found it for her.And I think this sign sums it all up. "USE WASHERS AND DRYERS AT OWN RISK"

Yep we broke down and had to go to the "Washie Washie" laundromat. Needless to say I have worked in some really seedy, questionable, drug inflicted, gang gun toting, very ghetto areas in my life (ok every job I have, have been in bad areas of the city, including the ones I have now) and have never felt unsafe. I have to say that today, it was a different story and this is in a nice town and a nice area even though we were the only ones there, I still feared letting K out of my eyesight.

Disclaimer: There were no rats, at least that we saw but I'm pretty sure that the many locked doors with Stay Out on them housed them. Also no one was hurt on the trip to, from and while we were at the laundromat but we did get a super bad thunderstorm that made things interesting. Also, Kitty Cat really wasn't all that scared but K did abandon him so she could push the carts around. Oh and that's a bow on Kitty Cat that was in K's hair and since we didn't want to lose it, Kitty wore it instead.

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