Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well today has been a day of ups and downs. Work was ok, the trainer ended up having me make callbacks to contractors, then when one of the contractors called the manager to make sure they really had a new person, named Me, she's like yeah but she shouldn't be making calls. Needless to say she came back and was really snappy towards me and the trainer but then started praising me, it was just plain weird! Otherwise we are having a huge problem with my training schedule because my work schedule is actually Wed-Sun, well she wants me to train for a full Mon-Fri shift which at this point I can't do because I don't have a babysitter for K on Mon & Tues. So she got all nasty with me and was like look I need you to be Mon-Fri either next week or the next otherwise I don't think this will work out. I didn't say it but I really wanted to say F*** you. If you expected me to be there Mon thru Fri then you should have told me that when you hired me, not that you will only work Wed-Sun. Otherwise we have been tossing around the possibility of moving, our top choices are Florida, Pennsylvania and Nevada. My Mom and I are still trying to figure out what are next steps are.

Otherwise K was so crazy before bed tonight she had Mommy, Grandma and UN laughing to hard we were crying. K was pretending to ride a horse and it was the most silliest thing you have ever seen. Otherwise we are having a yard sale tomorrow night and a picnic with our home study agency Sat. evening and Sunday, well just a day of rest I'm pretty sure. Oh yeah, I finally broke down last night and turned on the a/c. Still have it set to 79 but it has made such a difference in the house and luckily with it being set so high it isn't running 24/7 trying to cool the house.
K dancing around while watching baseball

K being super silly


Christie said...

Heather, you know I could always watch Keira for you on Mondays and Tuesdays this summer. You are coming this way for work anyway. I would do it for free and love every minute of it. She would be in great hands. Hope job is working out otherwise.

Shelby said...

You know my vote is Florida!!!!! We would love to have you guys down here!!!

Farrah said...

You know my vote too is Florida, Somewhere Central, 10-15 minutes from Disney...Close to Sea World, Oh yeah I could go house hunting for you!!!