Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mish Mash of Stuff

Well I can't believe it's already Tuesday, I mean seriously where did my weekend and first two days of this week go? This weekend we attended my Cousin's baby shower. K amazingly warmed up to the unfamiliar family members super quick, I know that my Cousin's love K but they are never around, so that's why they are unfamiliar, they travel to make their living (sort of like carnival folk but not exactly) and even though they have houses, they live primarily in an RV. But K was in her element, she enjoyed her 2 baby cousins, J (baby shower honoree, 3 1/2 weeks old) & N (8 mos old) that we there and enjoyed her adult cousins and aunts. After the baby shower, we headed over to our SP house and enjoyed a wonderful visit with her hubby B, doggies and our SP, C. Sunday, well we spent it around the house and worked in the garden. Monday well we played and tried to get some order in our house since it's such a wreck. Today, well we had PT in the morning and then we cooked lunch, after lunch K wasn't feeling well (I think she got overheated because of this awful heat we are having and she was running and hopping around like a crazy women) so I took a nap with her, keeping a cold wash cloth on her head and the ceiling fan going, it cooled her down so she could rest. Right now we only have fans going in the house because it's cheaper than turning on the air conditioner, so it's not like I was trying to get her sick or something by having a/c and fans. Then after she got up from her nap, we watched Blue Clues with UN and then we cooked dinner together, fried chicken and green beans, mmm. We spent the evening together playing while UN and Grandma did stuff upstairs. Tomorrow I start the water company job, I'm just a little nervous about it but heck that's to be expected. So hopefully I'll have a full report tomorrow on how it went.

Playing a baby shower game

walking with her Aunt to the car

Putting plastic cover on the tomatoes to make sure bunnies don't eat them

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