Sunday, June 8, 2008


Friday went well at work. They already have me on the computers and doing actually work, yep it was only my 3rd day and I'm working my butt off. I asked them if they push most people like this and she goes no "your just exceptional at this". Sort of made me feel good but also bummed me out because in any other job that means "more work then everyone else just because we know you can handle it". Otherwise Friday night was the pre-sale to the yard sale we were participating in, needless to say there was no one there and then Saturday, well it didn't get any better! We at least made back what we paid for the space and just a little extra but I was hoping to at least break $100 and we didn't. Heck, we were actually one of the only people out of 30 families who actually made back what they paid for their space and a little extra, most people there didn't sell a single thing. So that made me feel a little better. At the end we had 2 families give us a whole bunch of shoes and size 2T winter & summer clothes for K. Most of the clothes they gave us were namebrand, TCP, Gymboree, Baby Nay, Landsend, etc. I was blown away that they just gave them to us but excited because they were such super cute brand new looking outfits. Otherwise I did get K's big Christmas present there. I'm still looking for a box big enough to put it in to pack it away until Christmas time, so in the mean time she's getting to play with it. So I officially have all of K's Christmas shopping done and it's only June. After the yard sale and a super unpleasant encounter with a really creepy rude guy and his non-pc language about K, I was never so thankful that K was asleep at the time and didn't wake up when I raised my voice at this guy. I mean I can handle adoption questions with the best of them but when you start saying derogatory raciest comments to my face about my child, that's when I draw the line. So after we unloaded all the unsold items at home, we headed to our Homestudies Family Picnic that they host every summer. We had a nice time, visited with our friends and made lots of new ones. K had so much fun playing with all the kids. On the other hand I was exhausted climbing all over the giant wooden playground with K, my muscles ached and it didn't help that it was 99 outside and that was in the evening when it was suppose to be cooler. As for today, we did laundry, played outside, moved K's playhouse and swing set into a shadier place in our yard and then watched Evan Almighty after UN came home. So I'm done with my work, so I'm headed to bed.

swinging on the swing

K kept playing peek a boo with me through the slats of the playground and it was so funny because all you would see where her bows.

climbing the playground to get to the slides

playing with the steering wheel

playing with the bubbles, she got so super messy and then get bubble solution in her eyes, it was a mess!

This picture is from today, I told her to smile for Mommy and this is what I get

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