Monday, July 14, 2008

Can't believe it's Monday

What a day today was. Left way early enough for my interview at "SC" and I really thought I would have at least a good 20 minutes to spare, nope with traffic and road construction got there with 5 minutes to spare, then had to find a parking space and climb 2 flights of stairs (note to self, start running upstairs more often for times like these). But got there before 2pm and that's all that mattered. So when I arrived, they gave me a huge folder of paperwork to complete, which would have been nice if they would have warned me ahead of time because I didn't bring anything except my driver's license and cell phone. I also ended up having to take 3 different tests, would have been nice to know because I could have brushed up on my construction math skills, which I haven't used in say at least 10 years. And still with all this, I wow'd them with my interview and do you wonder why I can say that because that is what the comment was to me, well to be exact it was "Your credentials, your pose, heck everything about you just WOW's us". The one thing that really stuck out in my mind was when they asked me the question "What inspires you?" and of course without hesitation I said "my Family". It actually shocked them and said it was the first time in a very, very long time they heard someone say that because most people say Money. Which I really thought was an interesting, I mean I love money but it doesn't inspire me, my family inspires me and I want to make more money to give them a better life. So basically when I walked out, they said I will need to meet with the Owner and the Owner's daughter (who were stuck on a jobsite). I told him I totally flubbed up my Math tests, told him it's been quite awhile since I really even had to use any sort of complicated math and he still was like "that's ok". We still really want to hire you. My thought is I'm not too sure you will want to hire me if you see my 3 math tests scores :) But anyway even if I don't get hired it did give me a boost of self-confidence that I have been lacking for quite awhile and a drive to keep looking for that job I deserve and not just settle with the one I've got.

I have to say this whole job interview with this company, "SC" has been like a dream, I mean I didn't even apply for this job, I applied for a job in their warehouse over 6 months ago and all of a sudden I get a phone interview for a different position, totally wow that guy and he says I'll be calling you for an interview. Really didn't think that would happen. He calls me on Friday and wants me to come in asap, so go to the interview today and come out with them going we really want to hire you, you wow'd us. It just blows my mind.

In other news, K's Great-Grandparents are in for the week again. And they started spoiling her right away. K ate 5 of G-Gramp's cookies and then G-Gram gave her root beer soda. I just pray she sleeps all night! Otherwise since my interview ran so late, I didn't make it into work. They will probably be ticked off but they will get over it. I mean if there weren't rumors of them changing our work hours to 14 hr shifts, 5 days a week with possible weekends because they are going to lay-off some people (yep the company who hasn't laid anyone off in the history of the company is going to do this) then I would have tried harder to get to work. So I think staying for the interviews at "SC", actually honestly I felt deep down that I was suppose to be there interviewing, like something divine had stepped in and I sure wasn't going to disobey the feelings I was having. So I truly believe I was in the right place at the right time for once in my life, which there are only a few times in your life that this happens and this was one of them. So much more going on that I want to blog about but need to get to bed because K has Physical Therapy in the morning.

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