Friday, July 25, 2008


Well I think I was in a funk pretty much all week, not sure why other than I just was. Worked on my fall bows this week and finished up 2 large custom bow orders from some local women who like my work. Have had a migraine for the past 2 days primarily caused from the stupid weather that can't make up it's mind and stress. Went yard saleing this morning in search of stuff for my Brother's new apartment. Last week, went to an estate sale and it was fill a paper bag for a $1.00, you wouldn't believe how many awesome pyrex glass dishes and really nice used frying pans I stuffed in that bag. Luckily he doesn't need all of it, so that means I got some new frying pans, which I have been needing for years since my current ones either don't have a handle or they are really loose or the teflon is coming off and it's not safe to cook in them because of the chemicals. I wish I could convey better how really excited I am for new used pans!! Otherwise K and I have had some fun this week, we spent some time in the veggie garden and was excited to find we had some yellowneck squash ready for picking. Then today, K had her first experience with play dough. She wasn't too sure what to make of it but once she realized what we could do with it, she went to town. I actually got her to go down for a nap without any fuss at all because I told her when she wakes up she can play with it some more. She was so excited and actually went into the bedroom by herself and then came back out and told me "time for nap".
picking some yellow neck squash

Our veggies

K's play dough "car" that she made

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Farrah said...

Man that squish looks delious....

I love Squish, And congrats on the bow orders!!

As many as Madisyn wears I really need to learn to make then.