Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Stuff

Well lets see yesterday was a horrible day, on the way to work I was rear-ended. Didn't do any damage to the van, Thank God!! but did hurt my back (really the pain is between my shoulder blades) . I was 20 minutes late to work and they decided to be nasty and since I called off yesterday and was late, they decided to suspend me for a day, effers!!. I was so ticked off when I left but was glad to get home to some tylenol for my back. Today my Grandparents wanted to take us out for lunch, so we went and ate at Grand Buffet VII. We haven't every ate there but it was really good food. K ate so much stuff but her favorite was the Chicken Balls and of course the ice cream for dessert. Well gotta head to work, not looking forward to working in a 95 + degree warehouse tonight.
helping water the new bush that Great-Gram brought us


Farrah said...

Oh my gosh I'm sorry you were rear ended...Not the type you would like to have...LOL just joking!!!

Maybe thought I'd make you laugh at something today.

Maybe you will hear about the other job soon!

Shelby said...

I hope the back feels better soon and you hear some good news from "SC"....