Sunday, July 13, 2008


Can't believe it's been almost a week since I last blogged. Just been busy and tired and trying to find some family time. Spent today going through boxes from when we moved, there is just so much stuff but that's what happens when you combine 3 households. The thing is, that even though we made a huge dent in the mounds and mounds of boxes, we are not even close to being done. I go for a job interview tomorrow, they actually contacted me right before the 4th of July holiday and tomorrow I meet with the Owner of the company. Then right after I have the interview, I have to head into work, which I'm not looking forward too. There is just so much petty crap that goes on there and I'm just freakin' sick of it already. I sometimes wish I was lucky enough to be a Stay or Work at home Mom, I really miss getting to spend my days and nights with K. But there is no man on the horizon, well I take that back, there sort of is, but it's just casual chit chat, well actually it's trivia chat right now but even so, I wouldn't get serious for a guy just so I could be a stay at home mom, he really would have to be Mr. Right. As for K, she is doing well, just in the past two weeks she has gotten so much better with things, she can tell you what most colors are, can count to 10 (not always in the correct order), she can spell her name and a few other easy words, she recognizes most letters and she loves to sing, any toy that plays songs, she will listen to the once and then play them again and can sing the words to them. It's pretty amazing. Well I'm off to bed, it's almost 11p and that's way to late for all I have to get done tomorrow.


Farrah said...

You sound like me...I'm always up WAY too late for everything I gotta get done in one day!

I hope your interview goes well, and you get the job...

Mr Right will come along some day!!

Corey said...

Good luck on your interview!!!
As for Mr. Right, get Mr Right, not Mr Right Now