Tuesday, July 1, 2008


As you can tell from most of my pictures, I try my best not to post a picture of my daughter looking at the camera because that way you really don't know what she looks like. I do this because her adoption was filled with threats, which I cannot go into for now. But these pictures I took yesterday were just too freakin funny not to post. While I was cooking lunch and before I headed off to work. I was watching K, she would walk behind my stove (where there is a storage area and then I would see her walk into the living room coffee table. She did this over and over and over. Finally I asked her what she was doing and showed me the water bottle. I said, Oh so your getting a drink and she tells me no, for Uncle. So after we were done cooking, K made sure to show me how she had the water bottles lined up all over the place. When Grandma came down to eat, K showed her also the water bottles. So then all my Mom and I could think was of the movie Signs with Mel Gibson, where the little girl leaves the water glasses all over and at the end of the movie the water kills the aliens. So after I had left for work, my Mom took K out to the garden and K walked up and down the corn. Hopefully we won't be seeing any crop circles out there.

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