Sunday, July 20, 2008


So frustrated, I've been trying to update our private family blog and of course I can't get any pictures posted from this weekend and there is some of the funniest pictures that I want to share. Instead, I decided to hop over here and see if I can post a few pics on here and do an update. Well guess I'll have to try in the morning since I won't have a car (I'll get to that late in the post). The Birthday/Good-Bye party went really well, it turned out to be a small affair which was really, really nice, we had 13 people here. And basically those 13 people are really the people who are always there for us and know they would do anything for us they could. K had so much fun getting to play with her friend, S and cousins, M&M. They played so hard and she was wiped our and wanted to head to bed early last night. Then today we had an 80th Birthday/75th Birthday/55th Wedding Anniversary party for my Grandpa's Sister, C and Brother-in-Law, B. Well of course this is my step-family and we just aren't warmly received at all times. It's helped sort of having K because in their eyes she is the token Adopted-Asian child that I saved from the Communists and that's how they sort of treat it or at least it feels that way. So needless to say these are people we only have contact with maybe 2 or 3 times a year depending on who's getting married, baby showers, etc or if they remember to invite us but usually they leave us off in invite list. Well I'm just frustrated today because of how a handful of people acted, it just made me mad and I know there's nothing I can do about it but still I just wanted to say to a few of them, "what is wrong with you? what did I do to you to make you treat me like I'm white trash?" But instead I just clinched my mouth and made small talk trying to be pleasant because I know saying anything won't help at all. Once we got home, Uncle N was going to his friends houses and about 10 minutes after he left, he calls and asks for Mom and of course I make a smart-a$$ remark about did he crash. Well luckily he didn't crash but the car broke down and of course these repair costs are going to drain us. So N is going to take the van tomorrow, leaving us without a car. Fun, Fun, Fun. Oh and to top it all off, my back is still killing me from being rear-ended, still hurts really bad between the shoulder blades.

K playing in her wading pool on Friday

K and S eating lunch together on Saturday

I turned to the side and I look back and K has her fork and is digging into the top of Uncle N's birthday cake. All I could do was laugh and cut her a slice of cake

A picture of my Aunt C and Uncle B. Aunt C is 16 years old in the picture, so that means Uncle B was 20-21 years old. It was interesting finding that out because I always thought they meet and got married after he returned home from service but instead it was through high school & the service they dated each other.

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