Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Weekend thru Tuesday

On Saturday we had our adoption playgroup. There was a new family but basically it seems that none of the families who are there previously ever come back, which is just a bummer, so it's not like we really get to know people because it's always a rotating set of parents and kids, except us and the 2 people who host it J & G and their kids. Which is really a disappointment. Then that evening we had picked up 3-D glasses at Wal-Mart (weeks earlier for K just to play with) and since nothing else was good on we decided to watch Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds Tour in 3-D. It was sort of a disappointment but we just had fun making fun of each other wearing the 3-D glasses. On Sunday we picked more veggies from the garden. K and I then cooked Squash Puff and Tarragon Butter Tilapia. It was so freakin' good! Monday and Tuesday were sort of lazy days since it's so freakin' hot outside. Nothing like 98 degrees heat with a heat index that makes it 109 outside, along with poor air quality. So basically you walk outside and can't breathe at all. So we have spent our time playing with play dough, working on projects, getting ready for the yard sale we are participating in this weekend and just being together all the time.

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